Monday, May 22, 2017


I'm re-posting this quilt because I loved the way it turned out. The pattern is "Just Can't Cut It" and it works so beautifully when you have fabric that is showcase worthy.

I've always been a simple quilter.  I like the order of straight lines.  I also like to show off the beauty of fabric.

I fell in love with the focal fabric and pulled out the colors that surrounded the paisley print.

The colors are not true in these pictures, but I do think this is one of the prettiest quilts that I've made. The pattern?  Just Can't Cut It.

A lot of my machine quilting is done with my walking foot.  I find I can manage my quilt with the walking foot.  With a little bit of free motion on the borders.

Just enough to add interest to the borders :-)

Happy Quilting

Friday, May 19, 2017

True to You

I guess many of my readers already know that I love to read Christian fiction. I've had the opportunity to review many, and "True to You" is the most recent book I reviewed.

Nora Bradford is a librarian extraordinaire. She's a genealogist, loves history, and doing research. Nora's life has been turned upside down, when she experiences a devastating heartbreak. She buries herself in her plain bookish lifestyle.

John Lawson, a former Navy SEAL, is a man's man.  When he receives an unexpected diagnosis, he asks Nora to help him find his birth parents.

Immediately smitten, Nora does all she can to help John find his roots. But can the unexpected results lay claim to their budding relationship?

Becky Wade is a master at storytelling. She develops relationships with skill and care. She brings her characters to life in soul searching, heart wrenching ways.  I liked this story because it reminded me so much of the "what if's" and the consequences that can happen.

"True to You" is the first of the Bradford Sister Romance series. I can hardly wait to see what happens in the lives of Willow and Britt. If you would like the prelude to this story, Amazon currently has the Novella "Then Came You" available for free for Kindle.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher. All views expressed are my honest opinion.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I often look for quilting books at my local library. Recently I brought home a copy of this book.

As I paged through the quilts, I was instantly drawn to this one.

I knew I had batiks in my stash, so I dug around until I found what I needed. I proceeded to make the blocks.

However... when I started cutting the blocks...

and laying out the first row, I realized I had made a BIG mistake! You see the pattern did not have many directions, and I assumed that the blocks were to be alternating. When in fact, the light blue was NOT to be set as above...

But all the block were to be set like this one, just alternating the light blue and the green.

Fortunately I did not cut all the blue blocks, and I had five that were uncut. I was able to rescue them and rework the blocks.But sadly I did not have any more of the light blue to make the additional three that I had already cut.

So the quilt will be smaller, but I think it's a striking pattern design anyway.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Little Singer

I did a little investigating and discovered the little Singer is a Model 20 Child's Sewing machine.  I found two really good resources with lots of information  -   ISMACS and Singer Toy Machines

I brought out my little Featherweight to compare the size difference.

And this is what the machines look like standing next to my Bernina Love :-)

Quite a difference.

If you go to this YOUTUBE you can see the little Toy Machine in action.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sweet Dreams

I couldn't pass this little doll bed without taking a picture.
Happy Quilting!