Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Quilts

I love the colors of fall. And quilts always fill my quota of the warm rich hues.

Let's enjoy the warm colors of fall!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Roll em, roll em, roll em.

I've started on a project that will take me through the rest of September. Can you guess what I am making?

If you guessed pillowcases, you are right!

It's the All People Quilt Million pillowcase sewathon. I started these and have been working them in assembly line manner. Cut them all out, fold and pin, do the sewing, then press.

Have you been making pillowcases? The best tutorial I've found is from Missouri Star Quilt company. Jenny Doan makes it looks so easy and it comes together quickly.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Life after Irma

They say you should not make decisions after a life altering trauma. Loss of a job, the death of a loved one, a divorce.  But what about waiting for a category 4 hurricane that comes knocking at your door?

Irma made her path known just days after Harvey wrecked havoc in Houston. Recovery and first responder teams stretching their resources nearly a thousand miles away while Irma sat on top of Cuba, making us guess which way she would go.

Meteorologist trying to predict the path of her destruction when she would finally make landfall in the US. They started pointing their arrow straight towards my home town. 

And so we wait, and we watch as the storm inches it's way towards Key West. And because the storm had been heading towards the east coast, supplies and water became non existent when we all realized she was heading our way. Plywood vanished, as did all paper products, canned goods, ice, and the most precious, water. 

Irma stormed past Key West, laying her destructive slap, and made her way north west. But in the wake, she weakened. She started losing strength. Yet that did not settle the nerves that hovered over the entire state. When she finally made her entrance to the Tampa Bay area, there was a lot of wind and rain. Thankfully, Irma started breaking up. She no longer held the strong eye we were watching before we lost power. She shifted north east, sparing us the worst of the storm.

Even so, she did some tree trimming.

We are so grateful none of these limbs hit the roof of our house. 

Even in the aftermath of the storm, the butterfly's returned, just to let us know that they still believed in tomorrow.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma

 Image result for hurricane pictures

It's been non-stop this past week as we prepare for landfall of Hurricane Irma.  Every store was out of water, bread and other staples. Even plywood became nonexistent. So we ask for your prayers, as this massive storm shifts west, heading straight to where I live. We've been through hurricanes before, and know the destruction they havoc. But this one is huge! With destruction in it's wake. Being with out power will be difficult, not knowing how long the duration. I've been making ice and water in my Brita filtered pitcher. Hopefully it will be enough, as the water may be unsafe for some time after Irma leaves us behind.

So I will probably be off line for a while. We are still thinking of those victims of Hurricane Harvey, as we face Irma's wrath.

Be safe!

These pictures are from Stanley Goldenberg's facebook page.

As we continue to wait for the approach of IRMA, here are some wonderful pics and videos of IRMA.  They are rather large (one is movie) so I will direct you to my FaceBook post to see them.  It is worth it. 
I think this link will get you there, or just go to my FB homepage.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hello Irma

Living in Florida has it's benefits. One of them is NOT Hurricane season. This is what our stores currently look like.

After the disaster in Houston, people seem to be in a panic mode, taking Hurricane Irma very seriously. For days I've hunted the stores looking for bottled water. None is to be found. If a pallet arrives, the bottled water is gone in minutes. 

So short of camping out in the grocery store, I've been making my own water supply.

I'll keep making filtered water and filling them in bottles until the danger of the storm has passed. Hurricane Irma is being predicted to be the worse hurricane we have had in years. Bigger than Andrew that hit Miami 25 years ago. We have been tracking on and watching the weather reports. 

Stanley Goldenberg is a federal hurricane research meteorologist. His family experienced the maximum winds of Hurricane Andrew when their house was blown apart. He sends updates when he can. His 5 P's of Preparedness focuses on -
1. Protect
2. Provisions
3. Plans
4. Predictions
5. Pray
 Please pray for our family and friends. Pray for the officials handling the approaching hurricane and those who will be flying into the storm to collect data. 
And of course pray for the people of Houston. They are not out of the woods yet. They may yet be impacted by more rain from Irma. And if you can help, please do so by making a contribution to any of these quality and experienced organizations. 

These volunteers are the feet that bring hope to the victims who have lost everything.  And these organizations know the best ways to help the most.