Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanks to the Queen

A lot of things have changed in 27 years. Especially in the quilting world. I recently found the folder from my very first quilting class.

Looks pretty vintage and worn.

And amazingly I had dated the page from the first class. July 6, 1983! Wow, look at my list of what was needed for the class.

Between needles
Pins - T pins
Quilting thread
Quilting frame
Transfer paper
Plastic for templates
TWO pair of scissors - cloth and paper.......

Okay you get the picture.

It was a fun and interesting, and at times intensive, class. We were to work on blocks for a sampler quilt. The teacher was patient and very knowledgeable. On the day we were learning about creating and cutting out templates, she brought out a package and showed us a tool that would make cutting much more accurate and easier then using scissors. Yeah, right, we all said. Well of course that tool was the rotary cutter, and the rest is history.

I never did finish my 15 1/2" blocks. As a matter of fack I do not even know whatever happened to those blocks. But a wonderful thing did happen. My sister in love went to a different quilt class in a new quilt shop that had recently opened. She not only learned HOW to use this amazing new tool, she was introduced to the queen of stripping, Eleanor Burns and her Quilt in a Day method. She of course shared the information with me, and helping me pick out fabric, we both made a Log Cabin quilt.

This is the one that I made.

Yes that was my first quilt. And I've been hooked on Quilt in a Day ever since.

Over the years I've made many different quilts, and they mostly stem from the method I learned from Eleanor Burns. The quilt I submitted for the Quilting Gallery Fall contest was one that I made after I watched a QIAD PBS program. At the time Eleanor Burns was showing a 10 year old how to make this fun strippy quilt. I loved her process and enjoyed making. not only the fall quilt, but this Christmas one too.

Now all that to say, the other night I was wondering if I could view the same program with the little 10 year old girl. I went online and tried to find it, but to no avail. However, I did find a link at QIAD community for some past programs. Boy was that fun. I enjoyed seeing lots of quilts that Eleanor has made through the years. Some of which I have the books, but never made the pattern. This was a great incentive. Here is the link if you'd like to take a look. Even though it says error, type in Quilt in a Day in the search box, and the videos will pop up.

I am not a fancy quilter. I love to make geometric designs and highlight beautiful fabrics. It's been fun to use Eleanor's techniques to make quilts look harder then they really are. Yep, we've come a long way baby.

Have a great quilting day!


Quiet Quilter said...

Ahhh, memories....So glad your sister went to that class, and what a teacher!

Lovely quilts BTW.

Loris said...

Wonderful story! And beautiful quilts! I am so blessed by the encouragement I received to start quilting as well.
Eleanor has encouraged a huge crowd of quilters. I love listening to the stories she shares when she is teaching. I didn't get to take any of her classes but she did a presentation with her sister years ago in Orange Co. that I got to see. She was as friendly in person (off stage) as on. Very sincere and real. Love her!
Thanks for the link!

Talin's Corner said...

Isn't it amazing how much quilting has changed through the years? I looked over your list and thought about the last time I used templates. Since I learned to cut using a rotary cutter, I have not used templates. And I have to say that I do not miss them.

Marydon said...

Ohhh, Jocelyn, how I love to see the quilts you've created. I love that blue one, it is awesome. And, your notebook ... now that is memory time.
Have a great eve ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Allie said...

Wow, that's your first quilt? I'm amazing - it's gorgeous! I've never watched or read Eleanor Burns, guess I'll have to check her out!

Barb said...

Oh both quilts and the story behind the first....

Valerie said...

Oh I loved hearing this story and seeing the quilts. Thanks for the link too. I will check that out.

kwiltmakr said...

I just love Eleanor too. She taught me how to sew as well, only not in person. I just bought her books and went from there. I recommend them to different people all the time. By the way, Eleanor and I have the same birthday, not the same year but the month and day.

QuiltSue said...

Thanks so much for that link. Here in the UK we don't really get quilting on TV - once a week on a Sky channel there is an Eleanor Burns program, but that's it. I'm going to have to spend even more time on the computer now checking some of these out!

Crispy said...

I too believe that Eleanor has done more for the quilting world than anyone else. In my early quilting years I had LOTS of her books though I didn't use her methods since I've always hand pieced. She just cracks me up!!


Icy BC said...

Gorgeous quilts, and the colors in them are fantastic!

grandmarockton said...

those sample classes must all be the same I too --- never finished the quilt but keep thinking i should but??? Thank heaven for QUILTS IN A DAY!

Annelies said...

Very funny that I should find your post....I have worked with Eleanor for almost 20 years. I teach three classes each week at QIAD. Tonights class had five new students and to see their enthusiasm is pure joy for me. Happy stitching.....and SEW happy to know that QIAD has brought you such inspiration. XXX

Micki said...

I love the stories behind the quilts.

Coyote Quilts said...

For those that are interested in QIAD shows, El has now put them on the net here:

I do believe that the show you were talking about with the 10 year old is in here someplace. If not it is on the DVD that goes with the book. The pattern is 'Candy Cane Lane' and the book is 'Christmas at Bear's Paw Ranch'. I too, love El and her way of doing things.