Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attention please!

There are a lot of comments around blog land that Blogger is having some issues. My son sent me this link about changes that ARE going on with Blogger. Take a look.....


It looks like the Official Google Blog is making some BIG changes. And they are coming soon. So don't be surprised if one morning you wake up, open your blog dashboard and everything is different. This may be the reason why some people are having trouble. I am not one that is computer savvy, so changing servers for my blog would be a daunting challenge for me. I know we don't like things like this to change, but I am going to wait it out and see what happens with Blogger.

And on another note, I have finished quilting the second and third UFO to send to Japan.

All that is left is sewing down the binding and packing up the box. This is the first time that I have used the spray adhesive for a quilt and I LOVED it!!

Wow how much easier it was to do the quilting. I happened to purchase this at JoAnn's last week when they had all their quilting notions 50% off. Thanks to Patsy Thompson for her informative DVD's. She uses the spray adhesives and shows them on her machine quilting videos.

And while I was at JoAnn's I noticed another GREAT tool!

Years ago I cut the end of my left pointer finger off while rotary cutting. At that time I found these guards and have used one ever since. It's been a long time since I've seen them, but JoAnn's had them on display with their rulers.

They were 50% off, but I would encourage you to buy one at any price. They are a safety feature that you will not be sorry to invest in.

Have a Happy Quilting day!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Quilt! You are an awesome lady!

And I'll go check the link!
I'm not real savvy either, hope Blogger doesn't do somthing to make us lose our blogs!!!

Nanato4 said...

A few questions/comments:

#1 - Do you machine quilt? I hand quilt only and am wondering if the spray adhesive affects the ease of handquilting?

#2 - I use the Gypsy Gripper. Not only does it allow me to exert enough pressure to keep my ruler from sliding, it keeps my hands out of the way of the cutter.

#3 - I'm kind of excited about what that link showed re: the new & improved Blogger. Hope I don't have to eat those words. ha!

Allie said...

I've always felt that Blogger was very easy to use, even for someone whose tech skills are still in the stone age. Like me. Hopefully that will continue! Your quilts are gorgeous, what a lovely heart you have. I'll have to try that brand of basting spray, I didn't like the last one I used at all.

Amanda said...

I'm horrible with computers -- thanks for the heads up -- off to read that article!


Stray Stitches said...

Thanks for the info and the link. I had some trouble posting pictures on Sunday but found a way around through the blogger forum. The changes look interesting. And, like you, I'm not computer savvy enough to change servers. And, besides, I have been pretty happy with blogger for the most part. I'm going to look for those guards next time I'm at Joann's.

regan said...

Blogger has always worked for me, but then, I don't think I use 80% of what they can do. I'm totally on the basic level of blogging. Hopefully, the transition will be unnoticed by the basic folks. Fingers crossed!

Your quilt is beautiful....and I will try that basting spray on my next project.

Thanks for the thoughts on the cutter safety guard. I am freakishly careful when cutting, but, of course, THAT's usually when you get cut! I have friends who leave there blades out all the time, not retracing them, and they NEVER have been cut! I did that once, and instantly sliced the side of my hand while smoothing out the fabric (not badly, but blood, yes).

I'm getting those guards....can they be switched from ruler to ruler, or are they attached permanently, so you need one for each?

Cyndi said...

Those quilts are lovely, Jocelyn, and are going to be so welcomed and loved. Good for you!

Oh gosh...I'm already completely computer-stupid; I barely understand what I'm doing now on Blogger...I'm probably going to be completely lost when they make all the new changes. *sigh*
Thanks for the link - I've been for-warned!



Kim D. said...

Thanks for the tip on the blogger changes, it's always changing and hopefully improving. Your quilts are lovely Jocelyn and I'm sure they will be cherished and loved. I plan to send at least one, time permitting.
I didn't think it could ever happen to me, but I cut my finger after 12 years of quilting. After that experience I bought the same guards for all of my rulers from Joann's. I haven't seen them at Joann's in several years, but I'll look for one on my next trip as I need one for my latest ruler purchase.

Val said...

Ouch! You actually cut your finger? That is terrible. I will have to look for those guards. I have never heard of them. Your quilts are gorgeous. I don't like change so i am dreading the changes.

Rocknquilts said...

You are so helpful! The quilts for Japan and the advice and cautionary measures for us to take. Thank you!

SewCalGal said...

Wonderful post. Great insights. Thanks. And beautiful quilts for Japan that I'm sure will warm the hearts and soul for those that need good cheer right now. Thank you for all you do.


Becky said...

Thanks for the Blogger updates! I use one of the Klutz gloves by Fons & Porter when using my rotary cutter. It takes a bit of time to get adjusted to it, but I feel safer using it. Doing my own machine quilting is a goal. I'm working on a flannel quilt for my Dad. I'm planning on using the spray basting adhesive and attempting some machine quilting. Have a great day! Lots of rain here today.

kwiltmakr said...

I had already heard about the Blogger changes I am hoping that it will still be easy to use or I may have to find another place to blog. I don't do complicated when it comes to computers.
Your basting spray, be careful with the one you got in Joann's, I had trouble with it once, fabric looked bleached out after using it, maybe it was a bad batch or the fabric, who knows for sure.
Also they have those safety gloves you can get too for rotary cutting, I think it is Fons and Porter that has them, probably at Joann's as well.

Carrie P. said...

I sure don't like changes when it comes to the computer. It takes me took long to learn what I need to.
Some great quilts you have made for someone in Japan.
Those gaurds look pretty neat. I had a student cut her finger in my class and it bled forever, it seemed like.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I've never seen those guards...can you explain how they work? And the spray...does it work alright with hand quilting? (That's all I do.) Your quilts for Japan are just beautiful!
Jacque in SC

Crispy said...

Your quilts are great Jocelyn and the will be much appreciated. I'm off to check out what is new with blogger, I hope one thing they get rid of is the list of excerpts from the blogs I follow at the bottom of the dashboard.


Cheryl said...

On no Blogger...no changes!!! Yikes, I am so bad at computer stuff. Fingers crossed it all goes well. Love your quilts...so good of you. I also chopped part of my index finger off--so painful. Those guards are worth the cost!

Midlife Mom said...

I hate it when they make changes to Blogger! It always takes me a while to figure everything out! I write my post and add my pictures through Windows Live Writer now and then just publish it to my blog. It's great and it loads the pictures much faster. That's always an option for you.