Saturday, July 9, 2011


......don't tell my quilting buddies. They think I'm working on our co-operative pattern. But I'm not.

Pat from 501 Quilt Blocks sent me six 12" blocks and I am finishing them up to send to Joplin.

Are you making any quilts for Joplin?? I know of two gals that are helping those who have lost everything. Judy from Patchwork Times is taking completed quilts and distributing them when she goes into Joplin. Also the Long ladies of marie-madeline studio have a Joplin Quilt Project going, where you can send quilt tops. They will also supply you with fabric bundles if you need them. Their goal is to have the quilts ready for a fall distribution.

Come on, let's lend a hand.

Have a happy quilting weekend.


Impera_Magna said...

I won't tell a soul you're not working on the cooperative pattern... love those blocks you ARE working on!