Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome to the Sunshine State

We have a lot of visitors that come to Florida in the winter time. Of course many of them are hitting the theme parks and the beaches. But YOU know where the quilters are going!!

Rainbow's End in Dunedin is a great place to visit. 20,000 bolts of fabric will give you an afternoon of fabric delight. So if you are near the Central Florida area, be sure to plan a trip. There are lots of restaurants in the area and it's not too far from the beaches :-)

Rainbow's End Quilt Shoppe
941 Broadway Street
Dunedin, Florida 34698
Phone: 727.733.8572

If you have any questions about other quilt shops in the area, just leave a comment and I will try to update you on which ones are still open.


sunny said...

Dang, girl - I'm on my way. I have friends in Fernandina Beach. How far from there?

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

We'll be in Florida in March for Spring Training. But we will be over in southeast Florida. I wonder if I can persuade DH to make a side jaunt on our way back home. He could spend time at the beach while I'm at the quilt shop. ;-)

Allie said...

In my dreams, lol! I wish I was there right now!

regan said...

Oh boy oh boy! We're going to be visiting in Tampa in March....I had not even thought to look for quilt shops yet, but this one is now on the top of the list! Woohoo! Thanks for the info!

Jessica said...

Next time I'm in Florida, I'm there! Thanks for the info! :)

sew.darn.quilt said...

Oh man, could I spend a few days spending in this paradise.
Thanks for the tease! ;o)


Peggy said...

It is one of my favorite places to go within the first week of my winter trip there. I love that store. They have sooooo much to look at! Everyone that can needs to visit this shop.

Elaine Adair said...

Even ME in western Nebraska, recognized that Rainbow Shop in Florida, from your photos!!! Every time I visit Florida (family) I make sure to hit that lovely shop!