Monday, March 31, 2014


Well hello!! I am back.  Did you miss me??  I've been traveling with my sweet hubby last week, so there was nothing creative happening on the home front.

We traveled to North Carolina and let me tell you IT. WAS. COLD!  28 degrees at night.  But we did see some pretty countryside.

Lots and lots of green fields everywhere, especially on our return trip, as we took side roads instead of driving all the way on the Interstate.

I was totally enamoured with these beautiful trees.  Can someone tell me what they are??  They were in full bloom everywhere.

And I have a 4 star recommendation for a restaurant in the Greenville North Carolina area.  Do NOT pass up the chance to eat at Rucker Johns if you ever come across it.  They apparently have three locations in North Carolina, so be sure to look them up if you are passing through.

I hope you will have a great week.  We have a lot on our plate these next couple of months, so quilting may be on the back burner for a while.  But you just never know when the sewing machine will call my name.

Happy Quilting!


andsewon said...

Hope your trip was not affected by the rain/storms. Those trees are Bradford Pear. Has blooms then leaves.

Debbie said...

Yep, Bradford Pears. Very overplanted in the Carolinas. Beautiful.....yet have a bad smell when fully blooming. Also known to be a messy tree we take the good with the bad here :) Glad you had a good trip.

Susan said...

Cold or not, it must have been wonderful to see some color! grass and blooming trees!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Maybe it was cold, but ah, you got to see GREEN ... and flowering trees! ;-) Hope you had a wonderful trip!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I know all about the "lots going on" and having to "back burner" your projects! I hope all the things you need to do will be done swiftly and efficiently so you can meander back to the things you love doing! blessings ~ tanna
ps thanks for the Rucker Johns recommendation. I always enjoy a good food spot.