Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Pressed Flower Friend

Today would have been my BFF's birthday.  Diane lost her battle with cancer almost 11 years ago.  But I still think of her and miss her.  So in memory of Diane, I wanted to share this poem, written by Sherry Morris.

My Pressed Flower Friend

In my book of memories, 
there is a pressed Flower that fills a page,
With a gentle fragrance lingering still,
though it's faded now with age.

The way my Friend smiled and laughed,
The many ways she cared,
Are a legacy that she left behind
In stories I love to share.

So remember the hearts who've touched
your life,
It's what we each are here for.
A pressed Flower gently reminds us
To love and treasure our friendships more.


I love you Diane.  Your Fragrance still lingers.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I too lost my best friend 11 years ago this month - she committed suicide, I still think of her often -- we do not stop wanted to pick up the phone to chat with our BFF do we

Allie said...

****hugs**** You never forget.

margaret said...

We must never forget our good friends that we have lost and you have shared a lovely poem. A beautiful fabric on your previous post, computer playing up and having trouble getting into blogs to read them due to adverts but it opened your blog okay today dratted computers!

Jacqueline said...

Very sad and very sweet.