Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Moonbow Night

I've been a fan of Laura Frantz since reading The Frontiersman's Daughter. Since then I've devoured her Ballantyne Legacy novels. When I was offered an opportunity to read her latest novel A Moonbow Night, I thought it would be like the others.

A Moonbow Night is set in the late 1700's. When men forged the wilderness of the west. Surveyors trekking unknown Indian country, making a way for settlers. Men like Daniel Boone.

This story took me to a place I never thought much about. I've always enjoyed history, but little did I know about the taming of the roughed west. Laura Frantz brings to life the struggles, heartache, perils and dangers men and women faced in the 1700's. As a native Kentuckian, her attention to research and detail instilled a hunger to know how these early settlers braved so much loss. And yet they continued to pursue the next mile. Learning about the land that lay before them.

Laura Frantz wove a sweet love story through the pages of her novel. A story that was laced with pain and restoration. Her writing digs deep into the hearts of her characters. Miss Frantz truly brings history to life.

I found it interesting that there is certainly a thing called a Moonbow. It is the rainbow created by the moonlight rather than sun light. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. The opinions of this review are my own.


Tanna said...

Moonbow! Wow. That would be amazing to see. Thank you for your review. Have a wonderful day. blessings ~ tanna