Monday, December 6, 2010


Food. You can't think of the Holidays and not think about food. After pushing yourself away from the mountains of food at Thanksgiving, it soon becomes necessary to think of food for Christmas.

Do you have a special menu for Christmas? Is there a certain dish that is a tradition in your house?

Do you set a special table for your Christmas meal?

Perhaps you start with soup? It's usually cold this time of year in the US. Do you have a favorite soup recipe??

After the Thanksgiving Turkey, do you serve turkey again for Christmas?

And desserts. We can't forget desserts. What special treat do you make for your Christmas dinner.

Do you travel and spend Christmas with family and friends??

I would love to hear what you do for Christmas dinner. If I knew how to do the linky thing, we could have a Recipe linky with all of your special and delicious recipes. But for now, please share your best dish.

Have a great day!


Cyndi said...

Oh, I love this time of year because I LOVE all the food! Traditionally, we do have a big Christmas dinner, but we usually have Honey Baked Ham since everyone is turkeyed out from Thanksgiving. And of course that means homemade scalloped potatoes, green beans, yams, some type of salad, rolls and iced tea! And the desserts...oh my! In addition to all the different types of Christmas cookies we bake, I always make my grandmother's German Chocolate Pie. It's just about the best thing in the whole world! Seriously good!

This year I'll be going home to Louisiana to spend Christmas with my family. We'll be having chicken and sausage gumbo, po-boy sandwiches, and.... German Chocolate Pie! :o)



regan said...

Most years it's just hubby and me, because the kids live so far away. They visit later in the winter and we all ski. But even with just the two of us, we still do a turkey (always turkey, we can't get enough of it!), and all the fixings, just not as much. And we both LOVE the dark meat, so the white meat is usually frozen in pieces for soups and pot pies later in the month. Gotta have the candied yams, and my hubby makes the BEST stuffing, and buttered green beans, cranberry sauce and rolls. When we have the kids home, we do several pies accompanied by all the cookies and fudge. But this year, just the two of us will enjoy just a few cookies....we are trying to see our toes this year!

When the kids are here, we always play games the rest of the evening....Apples to Apples, Pictionary, Guesstures.....they are all a hoot, and work well will the varied ages.

Of course, we have the xmas music playing all day, and the movies running all day, too. I love walking past the living room and seeing little bits of It's a wonderful life, or the Christmas Story, or bits and pieces of others we keep popping in the player. You can sit for just a moment and get the whole feeling of it, and then be off to do something else. We've all seen them 100's of times, so little bits are enough!

Piecefulafternoon said...

We do have turkey again for christmas, right after thanksgiving - cuz we just love turkey - and the house wouldn't smell the same without it cooking on christmas day.

We have special dishes, special foods and special times - I just love the holidays.

If you want to do a link - try McLinky - as opposed to MrLinky. Really, either works well - google them and they give specific instructions for using them. I've done it before and enjoyed it - might try it again - I like the idea of recipe links.

Dena said...

Jocelyn, my family has several favorite dishes we share during the Christmas season. First we start out with cookies and candies ~ Christmas Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Covered Bon Bons, Peanut Brittle, Fudge, and Caramels. Next we have our traditional Cranberry Coffee Cake to snack on Christmas morning while dinner is cooking. Finally, we feast on Roasted Turkey stuffed with my Apple-Cranberry-Almond Stuffing, Slow Grilled Prime Rib, Herb Rolls, Candied Yams, Collard Greens, and Egg Nogg Pie just to name a few. Are you hungry yet? LOL

Allie said...

FOOD! The best part of the day. *G* We don't have a special dinner tradition - not for Christmas - we did when everyone else hosted it. When my boys were small, everyone decided it would be easier to come to us, so I started hosting it. Well, I don't own any fine china, and I wanted to spend as much time enjoying myself on the day too, so dinner was whatever I felt like cooking. [I am NOT a cook]. We focused mainly on each other and spending time together. I would dearly love to have a beautiful dinner, but I know my limitations....everyone brought something to eat. We always had plenty and mum-in-law always made her Waldorf Salad, so that was the dish of the day. The meals weren't memorable, but the day was!

Jackie said...

I love using my Lenox christmas china at Christmas. It's so pretty. Impractical, yes but I got this instead of regular china. I've never been interested in the pretty tablescapes but am starting to get more interested. I think I'll take more time with that this year.

We're a small family and get together at my house. I do all the cooking. And the holiday is just not the same without home made rolls!

Nancy said...

We have to have fried corn... sounds weird, but so good...

1 lb bacon , diced
1/2 cup diced onion
salt/pepper to taste
large bag frozen corn

Fry bacon til crisp. Remove from pan and add onion to bacon grease. Cook til translucent. Add corn to the hot bacon grease/onion...and cook until all grease is absorbed and corn is almost scorched...
So good...and not diet friendly...

If we have this, we don't care what the rest of the menu is, although we might have turkey or a pork or beef roast...

SewCalGal said...

What a beautiful table. I have a friend who sets lovely tables. Mine never look this good. But I am fortunate to have a set of Spode Christmas China. When I was quite young a co-worker/friend had an uncle that worked for a China Distributor and offered to pass on his discount. She was kind enough to let me in on it and we both used our Christmas bonus to buy a set of china...and to this day we loan it to each other when we need even more pieces. It is now part of my holiday tradition as I love to use it all December.


Aunty Bee said...

I've just asked my boys (18 and 19) did they want our usual dessert for Christmas I was hoping to try something new but they said of course we want the ice cream cakey thing. It's a recipe I got many years ago from an Australian magazine and it's now tradition. We are a small family so we have our Christmas dinner in the evening which we usually have it outside on the deck, it's summer here.

Crispy said...

We do it up simple for Christmas. Always Ham and potato salad and no formal sit down, just grab a plate and eat when you feel like it. I don't do any baking so desert is often lacking which is fine....don't need the extra calories :0) When I was living near my family it was always more about the little ones opening presents and a lot of visiting. For us Thanksgiving is all about the food, Christmas if all about the family.


Shelly said...

The food is a big star with our family at Christmas. My grandmother used to be the "hub", but my sister has since taken over that position. We're Italian, so she'll make homemade tiramisu. I'm not sure what else she's making this year, but I requested her stuffed mushrooms, and I'm making some pecan pies. We don't do gifts for each other, we just love getting together as a family.