Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Sewing buddies

On the days that the sewing buddies get together, we usually have a great time talking, sewing, drinking coffee, eating, sewing, talking............ well you get the picture. We've been sewing together for a lot of years. Sometimes we work on the same project, and then at other times we just bring "whatever" or finish up a ufo.

We also do a little show and tell. Here is something one gal brought. It's a Christmas gift for her daughter.

Mary's got a great eye for color, and she always uses so many exciting colors in her quilts. If you remember a recent post, she is the gal who made this cute little quilt.

Another gal took a class on making the Double Wedding Ring. She shared the process with us. Going from this -

to this -
making a tube and transforming the strips into this -

The blocks will eventually end up as a wall hanging.

Isn't that cool?

But as things often happen, we sometimes sew so we may rip...........

Oh well, we still enjoy Happy Quilting!

Have a great weekend :-)


Cyndi said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful day! I don't have any local sewing friends...guess I'm going to have to find a club to join! That Double Wedding Ring looks's one of my most favorite types of block!



Quilt Hollow said...

Interesting how your friend did that wedding rink block and I must mention it is wonderful to have GOOD friends so close to stitch away the day with. I miss my very best friends from all the moves over the years....the new ones just aren't the same so I turn to my blog buds for inspiration!

Allie said...

That flower quilt is stunning - I've never seen a wedding ring quilt done like that, how neat!

Linda said...

Beautiful show and tell. The double wedding ring is gorgeous!

Ivory Spring said...

That sounds absolutely FUN!

Crispy said...

Beautiful projects!! That is a really clever way of making a double wedding ring. Do you know where she got the idea? Ripping out, oh yes, the evil part of quilting LOL.


Libby said...

That sounds like so much fun!! Beautiful work! Love the Double Wedding Ring!

SewCalGal said...

You have a very talented group of sewing buddies. Love all the projects you shared insights on. And I'm certainly wanting to learn more about the tube technique for the double wedding ring. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


Millie said...

It is so cool how you sew the double wedding ring quilt. Beautiful projects.

Carrie P. said...

that is a pretty cool technique.