Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Country Homecoming Block #3

I was a little late jumping on board, but it's been so fun making these Homespun Prim houses. Here is #3, windows and all!

You can see the other neighborhoods being built at these blogs -

Cottons'n Wool

Quilt Hollow
Sweet P Quilting and Creations
Loves to Quilt
Kim's Big Quilting Adventure
Pondering Quilting
Cricketwood Prims n'Gardens

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood :-)


Darlene said...

It's definitely a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Fabulous house!

Betty Lou said...

Cute house, love the black shutters.

Kathie said...


Anne said...

I can't believe how similar ours are for this month. Hey....great minds!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

How fun! Can you believe I have a quilt kit....everything necessary to make a town quilt?'s true. I bought it from a friend and I intend to make's in the stack...yikes.


Ivory Spring said...

Such a homey feel to your house - love it!