Saturday, July 21, 2012

Choose your Weapons

Rotary cutters. There are so many varieties available now. There are big ones, and small ones. There are cutters with straight blades and some with wavy blades. They come in an ergonomic design, or just plain ;-) The list could probably boggle the mind.

So, what is your weapon of choice?



or large?

I had problems with this large blade rotary. The lock would not stay in the locked position when I would use it. I wrote to the company and they sent this replacement, no questions asked -

But my favorite baby is this one

She was my first rotary and I still love to use her when I am cutting fabric. I also find that my blades don't dull as easily when I use her sister mat.

I have several mats, and I find that the Olfa mat seems softer then some other brands. I don't know if that is what makes the difference in dulling a blade, but I'm an Olfa girl :-)

So choose your weapon................. and start cutting :-)

Happy Quilting!

(Since having a problem with a computer virus, I am not able to download pictures from my camera. So until my computer Geek son can fix the problem, I hope you don't mind if I have a few re-run posts :-)


Betty Lou said...

Olfa is the brand for me also and I use many different sizes. Because I quilt small most of the time I use the ergonomic 28mm size, I guess it would be the medium. The small straight handle size I use as a seam ripper, rarely use the large or extra large size. I do remember when I made my first quilt in the 80's with the Quilt In A Day method and we tore fabric-------what a mess.

Susan said...

At the sewing expo in Washington last year, I tried a new competitor of Olfa that was suppose to be ergonomically better, but so awkward. I love your case and that large Olfa could do some cutting! Olfa is my brand too. XOXO

Allie said...

I have an Olfa mat, but prefer the Fiskar cutter. I get my blades from Harbor Freight, you can get them online too, although we have two stores here. They're called carpet cutters, they come in 45mm size, and are about a dollar a blade - much better than the quilt shops!

Darlene said...

Cute post, Jocelyn.

My 'weapon of choice' is just like yours - 45mm Olfa cutter I've had since the beginning and it's sister mat, as well. I'm definitely an Olfa girl.

Marie said...

Some great helpful advice. Thanks!

Patty@Granma's said...

At home, my fav is a 60mm clover,'cause I like cutting many layers at once (time crunch) and it does a great job! At the shop we use 45mm, we're mostly cutting yardage, and we use both Olfa, and the new Dritz pressure - love that - as I am a poor one to close the blade between every cut! We cut an Olfa mat in half - about one every 2 years - and I do believe they are softer. I prefer the lighter color of the Friskar mats, easier to read when my eyes are tired.

NancyL said...

Yea ! To all the OLFA girls!!
Also the weapons of choice for me. It was the first one I picked and still the one I use the most. Love Olfa.