Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Spring has sprung

Well I don't know what happened to Monday, but here it is Tuesday already. Our Labor Day holiday was quiet, so the day whisked by quickly.

As I was working on my black and white quilt the tension on my bobbin all of a sudden went crazy! I opened the bobbin case, and out pops a broken spring. So my little Bernina lady is going to have to get a tune up.  In the meantime, I dragged out my old faithful Kenmore.

It's funny, after sewing on my Bernina for 12 years this machine seems so foreign, even though I sewed on it forever. But I'm glad that I have her for a back up.

Thank you to everyone who visited and entered my Summer in the Country giveaway. I did notify the winner, Cecilia, and come to find out she lives one and half hours from me :-)  Small world!

Have a great week. And Happy Quilting!


margaret said...

poor lady loosing a spring, hope it is not too pricey to fix, I broke a gear on my bernina 20 years ago and it was £100 even then. When I give Heidi a rest and use the new home machine I so miss the needle down button but it comes out sometimes so it does not feel neglected!

Cecilia said...

I have a Bernina, too and love it. Thanks again for the giveaway. Maybe we will be able to meet one day. 😊

Susan said...

I bought my first Bernina almost 46 years ago, establishing my own credit, which back then, was a good thing. I still sew on a Bernina and think it's a fabulous machine, but would love one of the newer ones that free-handed quilt!