Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quilt in a Day and Eleanor Burns

Quilting took a dramatic turn for me when I first met this amazing lady.

I never actually met Eleanor Burns, but her influence as the Queen of Quilting had such a profound affect on me as I learned her method of Quilt in a Day. She made quilting fun and easy. 

Recently Eleanor had heart surgery. So many of us in the quilting world are wishing Eleanor a speedy and complete recovery. You can read a little more on Quilt Shop Gal's blog post. Darlene has posted a mailing address if you would like to send a card.
Wishing you all the best Lady EL.


Lady Linda said...

I always think of Eleanor throwing those pieces of fabric over her shoulder! Wishing her well and a speedy recovery. Thanks for posting this about her.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I saw that on Facebook. I'll never forget my first visit to Quilt Week in Paducah ... and there was Eleanor at the Quilt in a Day booth! My first real brush with a quilting celebrity.

Carolyn said...

My wishes go out to Eleanor Burns all the way from South Africa. She has had a huge influence on my quilting for many years. Get well soon Eleanor!