Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Snow, sunshine and paradise

Do you live in the frozen north? Do you live with thermal underwear, blankets, gloves and toes that feel like they've been dipped inside the freezer?

A couple of weeks ago I sailed my way via Southwest and jumped into the tundra of cold weather. How about 12 degrees?

That white stuff on the ground is snow :-)

A retreat, shared with six other ladies, huddled in this commune for three days.

It was warm by the fire and the fellowship of ladies made us forget what was just outside the door.

Each of us bundled up under a lovingly made quilt, catching up with life and family.

But every once in a while, I would take a glimpse out the window and shudder.  That white stuff is cold.

So while I enjoyed visiting with friends, the lure of the south called to me. Loudly!  And this is what greeted me on my arrival back to the lower south.

Have a wonderful day!


Connie said...

Love the cabin and love the stone fireplace and the warm knotty pine wall. . . so warm and cozy. 12 degrees . . . girlfriend! That's cold, but I can remember -25 below, standing out trying to jump start my car, LOL.

Heather said...

looks like a wonderful place to hang out together. A little cold is refreshing, six months of it is typical Canada. I'm thinking this year that maybe some long thermal underware would make my daily walks more comfortable. Don't know why I haven't bought any in previous years. One benefit of all this cold is that it makes sense to sit on the sofa with three or more quilts piled on top of you.

Terry said...

Emily and I are heading south on Sunday! I sure hope it's warmer down there than it is here! :0)

Allie-oops Designs said...

Well - I've lived in the south - and I think the time frame for when you don't go out because it's too hot is about the same as us, not going out cuz it's too cold, lol!!! Hubby wants to move to the mountains of Ecuador, where the temps stay a lovely 72 degrees. I told him I'd help him pack, but he'd be on his own after that....I can just imagine what lives in those jungles.

Susan said...

What fun!

margaret said...

can imagine the fun you would have all had on your retreat regardless of the weather. Your garden is looking so colourful

Jean Belle said...

I'm a northern girl, through and through. Nothing like a 12-inch snowfall like we had Tuesday to get me into the sewing room and quilting. They're so efficient plowing the streets that I was able to get the fabric store by 10 the next morning to pick up more thread and some fabric for borders & binding! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time at your retreat up north.

Lady Linda said...

We have very gentle winters here in the Pacific NW where I live. Today, it was wet, but warm. Next week promises to be in the mid 50-60"s. I am starting to thing of flowers now. I have a quilt retreat in April and am planning my projects now.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

We love to visit the south. Perhaps we can retire there someday!