Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas project

While working on completing ufo's, I came across a couple of quilts patterns I started and, obviously, never finished.

Blocks for Kate Spain 12 Days of Christmas were hiding in a bag.
I must have started on the blocks and some other crisis took me away from completing them.
It's been fun to find these cheerful blocks and I hope to have it competed before Christmas.

How about you? Are you working on any kind of Christmas project for yourself?

Happy Quilting!


margaret said...

I think most of us are guilty of unfinished projects! No Xmas makes for me apart from the 50 or so Xmas tree decorations I made for the hospice Xmas fair, when Helen went in for the late shift she could find none of my makes so they all got sold have 25 or more embroidered pictures I have made over the years but they stay under the spare bed, think they can be donated next year for hospice funds.

maggie fellow said...

I really like discovering something completely forgotten. It is as if I had just bought it all over again:)

Lady Linda said...

Oh funny...yes, a true quilter. We all have one or two (or more!!) UFO's around.
Happy December.