Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The library

I remember when I was a very little girl the first time my mother took me to the Library. We were living in a very big city at the time but the library was a very small place, situated upstairs. We climbed the stairs and entered into a place that was magic to me. I remember the low shelf next to the window with lots of colorful children's books. I must have been about 4 years old, because I was not in school and probably not reading yet. I sat by the window and looked through many of the picture books. I am sure we took a few books home with us that day. We went back to that library many times, as I still remember checking out books from that library while I was in elementary school.

Books have always held a fascination to me. They are your friends when you are lonely, sick, or when you just want to travel to a different place or time. The library is also a great resource for quilting books. I have a very healthy collections of quilting books in my own library, but sometimes, I just enjoy looking at other books for ideas. I have checked out Harriet Hargrove and Sue Nickels machine quilting books and kept them for the maximum time allowed!

Recently I picked up these little gems.

What fun to browse through these books and enjoy the amazing resource the library affords. Have you ever checked what your local library has available? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Happy Quilting!


Linda said...

HELLO, Oh me too! So loved our trips to the Library>still do!
Thanks for sharing!

Jacqueline said...

I have been a library fan my whole life. Go an average of every two weeks.

Salmagundi said...

What a thrill to see that you brought home the first book that I wrote, "Keepsake Signature Quilts". Glad to see that your library holds onto these older books --- there is always something to learn and/or inspire us from tradition! Sally Saulmon

margaret said...

like you I love thhe library, I never buy novels etc but borrow them on a regular basis, also check out the quilting books but my local one does not have a craft section so have to go into the city for those but can return them to the local one which is helpful.

Rebecca said...

Here in by small town in Jefferson county Central Oregon (Madras) my Library is hooked in with much larger counties and citys so my small town library has all the benefits of a city size!!!!
As I am pursing the quilting blogs I follow each morning, when I find a reference to a book new or old that catches my fancy I open up a new window and check the library and have been very fortunate to find so many in one place or another. If they don't have it I often go to Amazon and put it on my wish list