Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Quilter

For years I struggled with the quilting process. I tried thread basting or taping backing to the table, and then pinning. Lots of pinning meant a lot of stop and go, as I would work my way towards a pin. The most frustrating part, after much care, was finding folds that were caught up on the back of the quilt. Sometimes they were just little bits of fabric, but other times there were large sections that were caught.

I started watching videos of quilters who quilted on their domestic sewing machines. But it wasn't until I bought videos by Patsy Thompson that I started to enjoy the whole quilting process.

Patsy introduced me to spray adhesive.

On her video she sprays each section (backing, batting and top) with a thin layer of the spray adhesive on her design wall.

I don't have a design wall, but I was able to lay my quilt sections onto an old rug and spray each part. I started with a small project. After the three sections were sandwiched together, I just picked up the quilt and headed for my machine.I was so pleased with how it turned out that I ventured into larger projects.

Now, I am not a great machine quilter, but even so, I can quilt and quilt and never have to worry about running into or over pins. In a lot less time then if I pinned and unpinned. The basting spray and my walking foot, have been wonderfully freeing quilting tools for me.And the best part! No more folds caught up in the backing.

Here is a little sample of some quilting I am able to accomplish

I hope you have a Happy Quilting day!


barbara woods said...

beautiful work

A Colorful World said...

Beautiful! The adhesive doesn't gum up the sewing needle while you quilt?

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Spray baste is great!!!! It's really the best when working with Minkee. Nothing moves, and I'm happy.

R & E said...

Looks good to me - hurray, you are on eyour way to being a great machine quilter!

I learned mostly from, and purchased many of her DVDs. It's helpful to see the designs actually develop.

Keep on keep'in on with your MQ'ing.

Elaine Adair

Allie-oops Designs said...

I've never had a problem with pins, although they are frustrating - especially if hand quilting!! I've not had good success with the spray though. It never sticks well enough for me. Maybe I wasn't using the right kind - it sure would be easier for those smaller projects!!

margaret said...

spray basting has certainly worked for you, I managed on a small project but not on a large one. I think sandwiching is the worst part of making a quilt hate it! Quilting looks good too

Tanna said...

That is a BRILLIANT tip. I've been toying with the notion of attempting a quilt for a cushion cover in my sunroom. I KNOW this would help just from my other sewing projects. THANK YOU! blessings ~ tanna

QuiltShopGal said...

Patsy does have a great approach for spray basting, which I do use. But I'm also very cautious about using spray adhesives as I fear the impact to lungs. Although I have had plenty of chuckles, when I would lay out sheets to protect carpet & furniture, before I sprayed, to find later my cats would do a high paw walk....clearly they sensed the adhesive over spray even when I thought I had done such a great job to prevent it.


gailss said...

Love your quilting and you do wonderful patterns. It is nice when we figure out a new way of doing something and it makes sewing them!

Donna said...

Spray basting is my favorite way to baste. These old knees fo mine can't tolerate the floor. I can do a little at a time on a table. Easy, peasy.