Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What do you think?

 As Quilters, something happens when we cross over the threshold of a Quilt show.  I think the change affects each of us differently.  There are no specific symptoms but something definitely takes place within each one of us.

It is a magical journey that starts the moment we enter the building.  It provides pleasure to our senses.  We are surrounded with beauty on every side.

We need a plan!  Where do we start?  Do we look at the quilts first?

Or perhaps we should scope out the vendors.  There is always a prize piece of fabric and the latest designs in patterns.  It is enough to make my head spin!

About eight years ago I attended my first major Quilt show in Nashville with two of my quilting buddies.  We stayed at the Opryland hotel where the Quilt show was being hosted.  As we entered the doors we could not believe how much there was to see!  Rows and rows of vendors and some of the most beautiful quilts we have ever laid our eyes on.  By the end of the first day we were on overload!  When we headed back to our room we brought out all of our bags for close inspection.  We would oooo and ahhh with so much delight, stroking each others fabrics and reviewing all the books and patterns we purchased.  For the next two days we enjoyed the euphoria of every quilting treat that was available.

In the years since that first Quilt show, I have attended the Quilt Festival in Chicago and the AQS Quilt show in Paducah.  Each one has its own unique spin on the Quilting community.  It's what drives the psychological part of our desire to make beautiful things.  The mere thought of a trip to a Quilt show is enough to start my exit from reality.  It is  a mystery that once again brings me back to the reason why I love to quilt.  For the beauty of it, and the love of seeing and experiencing what others have created in the world of fabric.

(p.s. I had planned to go to Paducah this week, but due to my accident and surgery I cancelled my plans.  Maybe another year.)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I take it you are in Paducah? have fun, I wanted to go but didn't this year

QuilterMary said...

I was in Nashville 8 yrs ago too and stayed at the Opryland hotel. We probably walked right by each other! I'm so glad you encouraged (pushed?) me into blogging. Now, I look for bloggy friends everywhere.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

If you come back to Chicago, contact me. I live in the suburbs. What fun!

Jean(ie) said...

I used to live in Nashville. Wish I were a quilter 8 years ago for that show. Darn!

I get in a "zone". I'm not a crowd person, so I use the show to learn. if they offer classes or lectures, I'm on it.

The good thing about the internet is that our quilty friends can post about the shows we can't attend and we get all the inspiration without the tired feet and crowds.

I'm assuming you have an upcoming surgery from your comment. Hugs. I hope it fixes your issue.

Kindred Quilts said...

My quilting gal pals and I usually begin our quilt show adventures by visiting the vendors... we don't want to miss a thing, you know! We end the day by admiring the quilts on display, followed by dinner at a nice restaurant, where we have show and tell of all our purchases! It's always a fun time!

Sarah Lizzie said...

I am in agreeance with you...what to do first.....drink in the beautiful quilts that each clever quilter has fashioned or wander along each aisle and inspect what is on offer, emptying one's purse in a very short amount of time! Whatever course of action one decides to take, one thing is certain, there is so much joy to be had meandering around a Quilt Show.

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I am so sorry about your spoiled plans to go to Paducah. I live in Ohio so it's one that I hope to attend one of these days. I know what you mean about quilt shows - I attended my first about ten years ago and that's what hooked me on quilting!

Crispy said...

It's sad you had to cancel your plans but the good thing is....There will always be shows next year :0)


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I miss the quilt show in Nashville. do you think it will return?

Seeing the rows and rows of vendors and fabrics and wools and patterns puts me into sensory overload