Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hello Peeps

Can I share a little secret with you??  Well it might not really be a secret, but I was very surprised to find this item at such a good sale.

You see I went into JoAnn's, minding my own business, when I saw this sign that said Accuquilt 40% off!!  Now I know JoAnn's is having a huge sale this week celebrating their 70th anniversary, but I never noticed that ALL the machines and ALL the dies were 40% off.  That's a BIG savings.  So I go back and forth if I should buy another die.  I just got my GO Baby, and I have not put many miles on it yet.  But this week I was challenged by Terri  of Terri's Treasures to do something with ATS (All That Stash!)  You can click the link and read about it.

I finally gave in and went back to JoAnn's and bought this die.

I have so many scraps and I think this die would help me to bring order to my scrap bin.

I went ahead and bought the little cleaning tool, as it was 40% off too.  I mean, a deal is a deal, right?

So if you have been dreaming of owning one of these machines, this may be your golden opportunity.  But you better hurry.  I'm not sure when this sale ends.

Happy Quilting!


Terry said...

Have fun using up your stash! Cutting my scraps into usable size blocks has really helped me to use them up! :0)

Darlene said...

Awesome buy! You're going to have so much fun cutting your stash and scraps.

Barb said...

I saw that too but they didn't have anything I needed or didn't already have...sob sob

Allie said...

That is a really good deal! And I'm sure you'll use that die a lot, you'll be glad you got it!

claudia said...

I haven't gotten a chance to play with my Baby that, thanks to you I got at 40% off! I bought that die with my Go! Baby! and a cutting mat. I sure do appreciate you telling me about the sale. I wish it would last until my next paycheck, but I know it won't. I'm glad I got that die, because I am doing the same as you; cutting into all my scrap stash and making it all into something useful. Especially the 2-1/2 inch squares. Have fun with that!