Friday, April 14, 2017

Finding a few gems

A wonderful place for finding quilting publications is my local library. I'm sometimes amazed at what they offer.

Whenever I'm about town, if I know there is a library close at hand, I stop in and see what is offered under catalog #746.

I enjoy looking through these books for color study and it's always fun to see how designers present their patterns. I may not actually make one of the quilts, but it's food for thought. Some libraries carry current Quilt magazines. In our library system, I can check out books for 3 weeks, and extend for another 3 weeks via my computer. I can also look up other titles in their system and have them shipped to my library location.

So don't let this valuable resource go unnoticed.

Happy Quilting!


dgs said...

My local library also carries a good selection of Quilting and various craft books. Very helpful and economical. Nice of you to heighten awareness of checking our libraries for such.


rubyslipperz said...

I love "hunting down" / searching for places to obtain "food for thought". Sometimes, I even try to analyze *why* I like one pattern, or color combination, over another. Even in premade quilts for purchase in home catalogs can give me ideas of things to try. =). Thanks for your inspiring idea to check out the libraries.

margaret said...

like you I check out the library for quilting books, my local ones never has any seems far less books these days to make way for computers and internet such a shame but the city library has a good collection

Barb said...

I never thought of going to the Library, my mother wants to go once a week so maybe this will give me something to do while there