Wednesday, November 6, 2019

So cute!

Every year I love to post this project because it think it's SO cute!

 I made these a few years ago for the children of friends.  They were fun and easy.  There is a Hershey bar wrapped under the snowman.  I still think this is one of the cutest little gifties for someone whether they are young or old :-)

You can find a link for the template HERE.
(p.s. be sure to turn the template to the Landscape position before printing)
Happy Christmas Quilting!


Sam I Am...... said...

That is darling! TYFS! I take it there is a pair of gloves that are the hat? What a nice gift for any age!

Allie said...

Those really are a cute idea - and who doesn't love chocolate, lol!!!

Joy McD said...

Oooh very cute!! Thanks for sharing! xx