Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Beginning Day 4

Hi there! Welcoming you back to help me celebrate some big changes in my life. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know each of you a little bit better. I feel like we sat down with a cup of coffee (or tea) and had a wonderful chat.

But I want you to see some more of the house. Yes this house is so beautiful. The folks that owned this house really took care of it, for which I am very grateful.

There are four bedrooms, this one being the Master.

And the Master Bath, with two huge closets! I told my hubby that I'd buy this house just for the great closets.

The second bedroom, with a private little patio.

This next one will be our son's room.

And how about this 4th bedroom! Don't you just love this antique furniture? My daughter loved it when she walked into this room. We were able to buy the furniture from the owners. Which makes for one happy daughter.

So now, are we ready for Day Four of the giveaway??

You know sometimes we quilters have to spread our wings just a little bit, and get out and about for a little change. Today I thought I would help you with a little compact shopping bag and a little something tucked inside.

The winner of Day 4 will have their choice of either a $10 Target gift card, or a $10 Starbucks gift card.

But you also get to choose one of these.

Pick either a turquoise or red Fat 8ths bundle.

Decisions, decisions!

Day Four - To enter for this giveaway I'd like for you to tell me the happiest moment in your life and one of the saddest. I think we sometimes get to really know someone when we know their joys and their sorrows.

Leave a comment on this post, and be sure I have a way to contact you. And don't forget to tell me if it's Target or Starbucks. Turquoise or red. You get to choose.

I hope you will enjoy your Sunday. It is family day for us, so I won't be posting again until Monday. Be sure to hug your Dad and spend some time with him.

Stay tuned for the last giveaway day :-)


Nancy said...

target red.... let's just get that out of the way before i forget.

The house looks great. Love the antique furniture fun...and a guest room with a private balcony. cool..

Cindy said...

FOUR bedrooms? WOW!

I'd be glad to take off my slippers in bedroom #4 - and you don't even have to change the linens...LOL

Are you sure you're going to be able to find use for all that wonderful space? This is one beautiful, BIG home. How wonderful for you.

I was such a proud and happy person when our first grandchild was born. I didn't realize how DEEP "proud and happy" can be.

And I think that happiest moment became so DEEP because of the saddest moment in my life - when our firstborn, Katie, passed away just before her 13th birthday. (Many years ago now)

Target, Starbucks, turquoise, or red? It's all good. And it's ALL so thoughtful of you.

Have a wonderful weekend. God Bless.

free indeed said...

Happiest: The day I was born again. I had made some immature decisions and the guilt was plaguing me so much so that even my dreams were guilt ridden. Once I gave my life to God, he wiped away the guilt...I knew it was for real when my dreams were guilt free as well. Wonderful how He can clean up even the subconscious! He has blessed us beyond measure since being a part of our lives.
Saddest: When my Mom in love died. She accepted me even when my own mother/family wouldn't. She was the one I had coffee with as a young wife and mother. The one who made me laugh when I wanted to cry or giveup. Her dry sense of humor was so needful. I regret that my younger children don't remember her much since they were so young when she left us. Excuse me I need a tissue....I should have started these out in the reverse order....ending with happy.

Aqua Target...

Karen said...

Target, turquoise
Happiest day(s): wedding day, day I received Jesus Christ as my Savior, the day each of my children and grandchildren were born.
Saddest:The day my Mom died-so much was left unsaid...

Terry said...

OK...Now I'm definitely moving in with you! I'll take the guest room with the patio! LOL I'd take the Target card and the turquoise fabrics please! My happiest moment was when my kids were born. Saddest was just last year when my gram passed away. I still miss her.

Bree said...

Your daughter is right - that furniture is to die for!
Happiest moment.. might sound cheesy, but definitely the day my son was born. The laboring process was hell, I wound up with an emergency c-section and knocked out for a few hours, but in the end, I had the best thing that had ever happened to me. He's a terrorizing, toddling troublemaker at just shy of 2 years old right now, but I love the kid with all my heart!

Saddest day thus far.. when I realized my biological father just seriously didn't care. My mom had protected me from seeing him for my entire youth, and I thought she was just mean, so I tried to find him when I was 19. I got in contact by phone with him, and he could have cared less. "Send me a letter with your questions", is what he said. For real. That still hurts!

Red. My stash is dying for some red. I used it all! And target, most definitely. :P

Cyndi said...

I've been meaning to comment here all week...time gets away from me so quickly! Your new home is absolutely lovely and I'm sure you and your family are going to be so happy there. Congratulations!

Well, the happiest day of my life was when God brought me together with my husband. He truly is my best friend and soul mate...I was 32 when we got married and we'll be married 22 years in December.

The saddest day of my life was when my doctor told me that I would never be able to have children. It broke my heart, but God has given me many other blessings, and I know He has a plan for everyone's life. So now I just have fur-babies!

And if I was to win your sweet give away, I'd choose Starbucks and Aqua! Thanks so much, Jocelyn. I appreciate the opportunity.



Kathy in FL said...

Happiest day: The day we moved to Florida.
Saddiest day: The day my father died.

Starbucks, red.

Laura said...

I love your house more and more every time I see it. It looks like it would be the perfect house for us too. Congrats on finding it!

Before I forget, my choices would be Target and Turquoise.

My saddest day so far...when my mother passed away in 1992 when I was 23 years old. I'm still sad sometimes now that I never really got to have a relationship with her as a true adult. We fought constantly while I was still living at home and we were just starting to get over that when she got sick.

My happiest day so far...hmmm, that's tougher because I try to make every day happy if I can, so I guess I'd say that my happiest days are when we are at our house in Texas, which is why we have decided we need to move there sooner versus later.

Amy said...

The house keeps getting better and better!
While these might sound obvious, the saddest days for me where those when I lost babies due to miscarriage. The happiest were my wedding and the births of my three wonderful children.
I'd have to say Target and turquoise.

Maxine said...

Happiest Day: The day I became a mother.
Saddest Day: The day I lost our first baby.

Starbucks card and red fat eighths.

Have a most blessed family day.
Maxine (

Grams said...

You are going to enjoy your house so much. I'll opt for the T's ... Target and turquoise. Happiest for me - my wedding day, the births of each of my four children and now the births of my eight (so far) grands. The saddest -- when my sweet husband was diagnosed with cancer and then died nine months after.
Thanks for the giveaways.

vail in tn
vgneal at bellsouth dot net

Carrie P. said...

Let's get business out of the way. Turquoise and Target.
Such a lovely house you are moving into. I can see quilts on those two beds in the same room.
The happiest day for me was when Jesus came into my life in 1977. The saddest day was just a couple months ago when my brother who had been missing for a year in Costa Rica was found. His son had to go and submit DNA. It was him. Now he is with the Lord. I am very sad but happy he is happy.
Enjoy the Lord's Day.

Kim said...

I also agree with your daughter the furniture is so nice! Love it...
My happiest day happened twice, first when I gave birth to my oldest daughter and second when I gave birth to my twin daughters. I saw both my grandsons be born and the memory of my daughters being born came back to me.. for the saddest moment, even though I have had them I always rememeber a saying my mom would say.. turn that frown upside down.. and whatever is making me sad seems to feel a little better LOVE YOU MOM!

azkimbo at yahoo dot com

Kim said...

What a great house!!
My happiest day(s) would be the days my four kids were born. Saddest was when my dad passed away. He was only 52 and diagnose with cancer only six short weeks before.:(

I'd love the red and Target. Thanks for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful house. I am now officailly just a little green with envy because we lack bedroom space here!

The happiest days of my life were the day I was married and the days that our children were born. They were each such joy filled days. Honestly, I really can't think of a saddest day. It was sad when my father died, but he had been sick for so long, it was a blessing. I suppose it is a gift that I really can't think of one. Oh, when I was 3 or 4 years old, my oldest sister who is 21 years older than me moved out of the house. I remember being very sad that day.

If I were to win this giveaway, I would like the Target gift card and either of the bundles. I can't make my mind up sometimes when it comes to fabric. I like it all! :)

Once again, thank you for your generosity. I have so enjoyed reading both of your blogs.

kvogel at davisp dot com

SewCalGal said...

OMG I'm so in love with your new home. And I love the furniture for your daughter's room too!

IF I were to win this giveaway, I'd really like the red fabric and Target giftcard. But both are lovely. And you are very generous!


call me crazy said...

Wow!~ I love your house! I can see quilts on the beds too. You didn't answer your question~ I have to look back, I don't think you answered any of them~? ;-) I tend to think of every day as a happy day and forget the sad ones, if I can. Yes, there are big happy's and big sad's, but they are all part of life. Target and can't decide either. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for the fun!

Carol said...

I love your house! That's awesome that you were able to buy the antique furniture for your daughter's bedroom, I love it too. Ok, my saddest day was when my Mom died. It's already been 12 years ago. My husband and I were both born and raised in Colorado then a year after we were married we moved to Arizona for my husbands teaching job. Every year after we moved here my Mom would ask me to come home for Christmas and I never did. This one particular year God must have been working with my heart because he knew my Mom would be gone soon. That year I actually went home for Christmas and it was so nice to see my dear Mother and my family. Three months after Christmas my Mom suddenly passed away. I think it was meant to be that I went home that Christmas to see her one last time.

My happiest day: The day I married my husband. We stayed together all through his college years and after he finished college and found his first teaching job we were married. A very happy happy day. My husband was working at his first teaching job so he came home for the weekend to get married and had to return to work on Monday. We did get a honeymoon later though when the school sent us to Mt. Pleasant Iowa to pick up a school bus and drive it back to Colorado.
This year in September will be our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Carol said...

Oh, I forgot to say, if I'm lucky enough to win I like the aqua fabric bundle and the target gift card.

Kim said...

Could you send a gift card for a bathroom like the one in your new house? Rofl, oh how I would love that bathroom! Just want to tell you that I have enjoyed seeing your new house and that I am happy for your excitement. No need to put my name in any drawings. Have fun! :-D

Allie said...

First - Target and Turquoise. Cuz I'll forget. LOL. The happiest day of my life - the day the Lord made me a mom. I was 33 years old and had all but given up. I'll never forget my firstborn son looking up at me, my mom and mother-in-law [and hubby of course] were all there too, mom and mil were dancing with the doctor. The saddest was the day my grandmother died - even more than my dad, her death hit me so hard, and more than 20 years later I still pick up the phone to call her. I wanted to die too.

Jocelyn, this house is simply amazing, and I see why your dd loved the furniture, how wonderful that you were able to buy it! I also want to congratulate you on your retirement from teaching, and your son on graduating, what a wonderful accomplishment - well done! Your life is changing in so many lovely ways.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh the house just gets more lovely with each photo - what a joy it will be when you are moved in.

Saddest day - when a dear friend passed away after a long illness - happiest - when our grandson was born, after a very traumatic labor and emergency C-section. The joy of that little voice crying while we stood with our toes on the line that said - DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE.

My choices - Target and red please - don't you think they go nicely together?

Peaceful Piecer said...

Can you believe I've never been to Starbucks? I would choose Starbucks and turquoise. I think my saddest day was hearing that my daughter Sarah would be severely handicapped. My happiest times were the days my four children and two grandchildren were born.
Your new home is just beautiful!

Crispy said...

Oh Jocelyn the house is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Will you adopt me so I can live there? :0)

Happiest Day - The day my son was born, I had lost several babies before he came along. I feel truly blessed to have him.

Saddest Day - The day my baby sister died. Because of our age difference (15 years) she was my practice daughter, my baby sister and my best friend all rolled into one. I miss her terribly.

Target (coffee is icky LOL) and turquoise

What a fun giveaway!!


Cynthia said...

The saddest day was when I married someone I never should have although I thought it was the happiest at the time.

Congratulations on your happiness!

scottylover said...

Wow that is an awesome house! I love seeing all the different rooms.

Let's see, the saddest day I know of is the day my mom passed away. I was 23 at the time, and here it is some 20+ years later and I still miss her. The happiest would have to be any day I spend with family and/or quilting! I'm east to make happy!

Sandy A

Micki said...

Congrats on the house! It is just gorgeous, and I do love the antique furniture.

Lisa Marie said...

I have loved getting to know you through your blog and what a gorgeous home you have bought. So Lucky. We too are in the process of making some changes in our lives and it may include a move as well.
My happiest day is when ALL my girls are home for the week-end. With 2 of them living away its a real treat to have them all under the same roof for awhile.
My saddest day was in Nov 1992 when I was in a terrible car accident that claimed the lives of our then 6 & 4 year old girls (Heidi & Kyla) Something that still haunts me even today ~ But God gives me the strength to carry on each day. In fact yesterday would have been Kyla's 26th birthday. My oldest daughter named her first daughter Heidi, which thrilled us!
What a generous give away ~ I would take the Starbucks card because sadly, we do not have Target in Canada yet.
Have a wonderful day!

Patty said...

Hello, I just happened on your blog what a beautiful house you just bought, four bedrooms and a beautiful master bath. I'm sure you and your family will be very happy there.
Let's see the happiest day I ever had... it's very difficult to decide it's between my wedding day and the day my son was born. I would have to say it was the day my son was born. We hard a hard time conceiving and carrying, so he is a bit of a miracle. he was born by c-section and I could hear him make all kinds of noise, they handed him to my husband and I reached up and touched him and just like that he quieted down! Precious.
The saddest day I believe was the day I had to sit down and sign the don resuscitate papers for my father who had be diagnose with ALS, he told me that i needed to step up and make sure my mother would be taken care of because his biggest regret was that he wasn't going to be able fulfill his promise to her. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, and I'm afraid I didn't handle it as stoically as I should have. I hope I didn't disappoint him too much. Oh well, I hope I haven't depressed you with my sad tale.
Enjoy you new house and appreciate your family.

trish said...

Hello. :o) Thank you so much for your nice give a way. I would choose the turquoise fabric and the Starbuck's card. :o)
My happiest moment (s) - becoming a Christian, my marriage, and when our children were born. My saddest moment - my mom's suicide. I just wish she would have given me a chance to love her through her hidden hurts.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Tricia said...

Awesome giveaway! I would love the Target card and turquoise fabric. My happiest moment was during my wedding vows...the emotion was incredible. My saddest moment was going with my parents to put our dog to sleep when I was 16. So incredibly heartbreaking.

Love the new house!

Becky said...

The happiest day of my life was my wedding day. I didn't think I'd ever meet a man that I could build a life with. The second happiest day was the day our son Michael was born.

The saddest day was when my Mom died from breast cancer. My son was 10 months old, my brother's wife was expecting twin boys (born 2 weeks after Mom passed) and my youngest brother's wife was expecting their first child. Mom would have loved all these grandchildren.

Great prizes, Jocelyn! I'd love any of the gift cards and fabric, but to play fair I'm saying the Starbucks card (I love coffee) and the red fabric.

Thanks for the opportunities to think and reflect!

Happy Father's Day to your DH!

Barb said...

I had five happy moments and five sad moments....five births and five leaving the nest....

Love your that bathroom...the furniture is stepping in Better Homes and Gardens.

Stormy Days said...

I like the alliteration of Target and Turquoise, so that’s my choice.

I've been blessed with so many happy days so that's a hard one, but I think the day we bought our own home was the best, it brought a real sense of security which adds to the happiness.
The saddest day is easy, that's when one of my closest friends passed. I will always miss him.

Your home is really beautiful, but did I miss the sewing room?

Margie said...

I guess the happiest would be, each in their own way, when our 3 children were born, and the saddest, even tho I lost my father last month, but he was 90 and in pain, would be the loss of our 1st grandchild to the war in Afghanistan. It is so hard to accept the death of a young one. We are all still trying to deal with this.

I love that house and all the windows!!!

Quilt Hollow said... bought the antique furniture too...I love the house and those pieces you were lucky to get!!
I have many happy days but the first thing that popped into my head was when my fiance (back then) surprised me by flying in unexpectedly from military training. It was a lonely Friday evening and I'd been sitting crying on the sofa with nothing to do and missing him. The remembering the loss of my father to cancer less than 2 years ago and tomorrow is Father's Day so my heart aches when I spot the Father's Day cards and all advertisements etc.

Mary said...

I do love your house. You are right, previous owner did a great job. You have done a super job in decorating and making it your own.
Happiest day was the day I got married to Ron, and had our immediate family and friends with us, and my very dear friend had the reception at her house.
The saddiest was when our daughter, Anna, was born in my sixth month and she lived for only half an hour. I had contacted an infection, listeria, and gave it to her before she was born. She would have been our daughter, and first granddaughter. She would have been 25 this July.
Our son was born the following July. Happy and sad.
Red and Target

Khris said...

What a gorgeous home...and yes, totally with your daughter on her die for!!!
Happiest day has to be the birth of my 4 children but the saddest day is the day my eldest son passed away.....I don't know how any parent survives the death of their child but I know that life is far too short....keep on keeping on is what I try to live by...take each day as it comes and try and laugh every day in some way...hugs Khris

Fiesta said...

Thank you for the chance to win.
The happiest moment of my life was when I had my children. The saddest was when my son was diagnosed with Tourettes.
I like your new house.

lej619 said...

I really like the house!
my happiest day -- marrying my husband and having my children. being that they got all of the cancer.(Endometrial)
the saddest day I have had-one when my father died and when I was told I had cancer.
Starbucks!! and Turquoise!! cause i love the coffee and turquoise is the "color" for my cancer.
thanks for the chance to win your giveaway

MN2NM said...

Happiest day - getting married to my dear, my darling. Saddest - when my friend Richard passed.
(Starbucks and Red)

ledamewood said...

Happiest moment - the day I married my husband. over 28 years ago and I love him now more than ever.

Saddest moment - take your pick, the day either of my parents died.

Starbucks, aqua.

Lynn D in NC

Sherrill said...

Ooo, your new house is beautiful. There is definitely something fabulous about huge closets (cept I fill em up too quickly! LOL). My happiest would be the day my two boys were born (12 years APART! HA) and the saddest was the day my dad died (after only being here in TX close to us for 2 weeks! :-((( Thanks for the great choice'd be Target & red.

sewmeow said...

Great house! Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

Happiest day in my life...Being chosen Prom Queen senior year in high school.
Sadest day in my life...when husband left me/divorced after 22 yrs. of marriage.


Thanks for the giveaway. Have fun with it.

Lis said...

Your giveaway series is turning into great therapy for us all!
Okay, Starbucks, turquoise please.
Do you know I find it very difficult to recall the happiest and saddest days of my life. Not because there haven't been any, of either. I think I was very sad for a long time. I wasn't a happy adolescent, not happy with myself. I am now getting happier and happier. There are great days but generally an all over happiness, a contentment I suppose. I love the days when I see my children and my gorgeous grandson Sam, but I'm happy on quiet, simple days too.
Gosh, will you ben charging by the hour for all this?!!
Hugs, xx

Sewn With Grace said...

So very fun! I would love the Target card and the aqua. The happiest day of my life would be when I became a Christian. The saddest has been the passing of my dear friend, Cheryl, this spring to cancer. Have a blessed Sunday!

omashee aka Barb said...

Oh, oh, oh! May I come live with you? I'll cook, clean, do anything you want!! These bedrooms are too gorgeous. Your lucky daughter to score such beautiful furniture.

The happiest day of my life was when I re-married my DH after many years of separation. The saddest was when my mom died.

Have a blessed week. Barb

Loralynn said...

Awesome picts! The rooms look so big!

I'd go with the two "T's"...Target and turquoise.

Happiest day of my life...when my children were born.

Saddest day of my life...the day my Grandmother passed on.

Linda said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading, but I just wanted to pop in and say what a beautiful new home you have. All that wonderful open space and such a huge kitchen, every cooks dream.

Kristi said...

I love your decor. :)

Happy: when my niece was born...She is a cutie. :)

Sad: when I lost my job. I quickly realized loosing a job is nothing compared to other unfortunate friends brother just passed away. It's so important to cherish our loved ones while we have them.

I would love the Starbucks card and Red. :)

kristisdeals1 at yahoo dot com

Suzie said...

What a wonderful house! A lot of places for your quilts! I wish you will be very happy there. Turquoise is my favorite!
Happiest moments: my children's birth. Saddest: my father's death.
Have a lovely week!

Meg said...

The house is incredible! (My stash is in dire need of more red, and Starbucks is my weakness.)

Happiest moment of my life--marrying my husband. Saddest--having my first cat put down just before Christmas two years ago. (She'd been with me since I moved out on my own at 21, and it was heart-breaking when she got sick and our journey together ended.)

Sonia said...

Hello again. You are blessed with this beautiful house. :)

Target and Turquoise.

Julia said...

The happiest moments of my life were three fold, when my three daughters were born. Likewise, the saddest days of my life were the days that they each moved so far away one by one.

Wendy said...

The happiest moment in my life was the day I married my best friend (20 years ago). I remember looking at him and being filled with so much love and joy. To be honest though, those feelings lack so much when compared with the love and admiration I feel for him now.
The saddest day of my life was when we lost our baby. It was our second child. But, God has blessed us with three more beautiful children. And when I get to Heaven I will be able to meet my baby, that will be wonderful.


richshelpmate at yahoo dot com

Target and red

Loris said...

Beautiful pictures of your new home. I love that private patio idea!
Saddest day of my life was when I lost my golden retriever, Jeff to the same disease that had just taken his brother, 5 weeks before that. Fortunately, God had 2 yellow labs waiting for me at the pound because I couldn't get over grieving without their help.
As to the happiest was probably when I headed off for my first day of college. A dream was coming true :-)
And for color choices...either work for me. I love them both. And Target would probably be a healthier choice as I always pick that sugar fat ladened delish frappacino at Starbucks!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your new home is awesome - no wonder your son and daughter are happy with their rooms.
Okay the happiest is when my Son and DIL came out on the lake in our fishing boat while we were out on the pontoon and told us they were expecting our first grandchild!
The saddest (or probably the scariest) was when I was recently divorced with two young children and was told I had serious breast cancer. Miracles happen, it's been 23 years.
Starbucks and red if I would be so lucky.

Kim D. said...

Your house is beautiful, love your bathroom and the bedroom with patio.
Life is good and it's nice that you're sharing it with us. What generous giveaways you are having. I'd say I'll take the Target card and the turquoise fabric. My Happiest day was when I got married and the saddest well there are two, when my mother passed away 2 yrs ago this month and my brother passed away from cancer last October.