Friday, June 11, 2010

Vintage sheets

Do you "heart" vintage sheets? I've been in love with them ever since I saw this quilt made up.

So I've been collecting sheets and pillowcases, when I find them at the thrift shops. I think the word must be getting out, because they are getting harder and harder to find in my area.

If you "heart" vintage, pop over to All Things Vintage Sheets. She is hosting a very sweet giveaway.

And I almost don't want you to pop over to Jane's Fabric and Quilts. She's giving away the most delicious PINK fabrics. And I do so "HEART" pink.

**** I was going to post some very lovely pictures of these fabulous fabrics, but blogger will not let me post pictures today :-(

And something is definitely happening with Blogger. I am not able to return to my Dashboard which is not a good thing. Anyone know what gives??

Have a wonderful quilty day!


Peaceful Piecer said...

I've been picking up vintage sheets and pillowcases at the thrifts too. I have better luck finding the pillowcases lately. My dashboard is not working right either.

Barb said...

Sorry you are having trouble with blogger, maybe it is because they are changing things up?

call me crazy said...

I heart vintage sheets too! :-) Wish I could see your photo's!

Loralynn said...

I have been having a terrible time with blogger too. It's very annoying! Thanks for the heads up!

Shelley said...

Darn old blogger!!!! I want to see your photos! Blogger was giving me problems with photos back on Wednesday too.

Miriam said...

I wish I could see your fabulous fabrics too.
I was having problems with Blogger last night also.