Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another anniversary

So many significant anniversaries in the sewing community.

Check out this link to see about the Coats and Clark 200th Anniversary. After all, where would sewing be without thread??


Snoodles said...

That is such a cool picture - love the vintage ads and marketing stuff for thread and machines!

imquilternity said...

That's pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Ivory Spring said...

WOW, that's so cool! Thanks for the heads up.

SewCal Gal said...

Whew. Very happy to see your blog here. I was getting some odd messages when I tried to visit you. Those darn computer mice just like to give me grief.

Thanks for the insight on Coats & Clark. I'm off to go check it out now.


Bouts Choisis said...

That is fascinating information with some beautiful vintage illustrations - thanks for pointing it out to us all. Well worth reading!!


Amazing picture! Beautiful vintage adds, and love the information, so lovely. Thank you sweet lady for your sweet comments. Wishing you and yours a wonderful EASTER!