Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let's get organized

Even though I have not been doing much sewing or quilting lately, there are things going on in the sewing room.

I save lots of scraps, and they end up being deposited into a basket here, or there.

One day I said, "Enough!!"  I had purposed to head down to IKEA and buy one of those cute turquoise rolling bins.  But as I never made it down there, I ended up buying this.

It works great to stash the scraps and charm packs.  And it was a fraction of the cost :-)

Then there was the closet, which was totally unorganized.

(this is only the bottom shelf, as I already started reorganizing the upper shelves)

Karen at Sew Many Ways shared a post about organizing her Kitchen Cupboards.        She used Fabric boxes to hold all sorts of things.  And the great thing is......... they were only $1.00!!  So I headed out to my Dollar Tree to see if they carried these boxes.  I found a large selection of smaller boxes, like the kind you would put in a drawer.  But the other day I went to a DT close to my house, one that might not be so heavily shopped, and found several of the larger 11 x11" size. 

So here is how the closet looks now.

Yep, much better!


Patty@inStitches said...

Love those lidded plastic boxes. dust free, bug free, and easy to see what's inside! Might even inspire me to reorganize a shelf! Or 2!!)

Melanie said...

I organize and then 'get inspired' and things end up in disarray. But then I organize again. When you do that-- sometimes it's like finding that fabric that you loved-- an old friend.

Thelma said...

Great job, doesn't it feel good to get organized? I use the same sort of plastic drawer stand for my scraps.

Susan said...

I'm an organizational freak! Okay, I admit it:-D I love what you've done and know it will make your life so much easier, XOXO

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Looking good Jocelyn! I've got my main stash organized but the scraps certainly need some work.

Pokey said...

I'm blessed by this share, there is hope for organizing all those lovely scraps that we can't bear to part with. Feels good, to put stuff in order, doesn't it?
I'm happy for you!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I ran to Walmart and bought 4 of those 3 drawer carts. They fit under my cutting table and I labeled each drawer a different color for my scraps. I was tired of having my scraps in ziplock bags jammed in with yardage.

Abbigail said...

Great job! Don't you hate it when you get so much scattered around in your sewing area! I bought some plastic drawer units to keep my ufo's in.

Carrie P. said...

great way to get oraganized. sure does make being in the sewing room nicer.

Dena said...

Great way to organize your resources. I love your fabric totes. Great prints!