Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keep them coming

There are so many new things going on. I guess by now you have probably heard about the changes with Google Friend Connect starting March 1. Google Friend Connect will no longer work on non-blogger blogs. So if you are following a blog that is not hosted by Blogger (such as Word Press and Typepad), starting March 1st, you will not see their blog in your reader or dashboard.

However this does not mean non-blogger blogs cannot continue using Google Reader. It simply means that Google Friend Connect, a service that provides an easy way to subscribe, will no longer be available for those blogs. It also means that if you have followed non-blogger blogs through Google Friend Connect, you will need to subscribe to those blogs in a different way. You will need to either get Google+ or find another service to offer your readers. You'll also need to change the way you've subscribed to non-blogger blogs because come March 1st you won't see them in your reader if you subscribed through GFC! To continue following through Google Reader, simply click RSS feed and choose Google Reader.

These changes make it very challenging to folks like me, who are a little computer challenged. But I really would miss you if you go away. It's sad to see blogs that I've followed for such a long time just disappear. I think there is a way to check if you are subscribed via your google reader or GFC. Here is what I read on Life. Faith. Hope. Art.

"In your Google reader, there is a list of blogs you read. Near the top of the list it says 'subscriptions'… those are the ones that you have put in the address. Below that list is a 'blogs i'm following' list. Those are the blogs that you have followed by google friend connect. " Read HERE for more info.

I sure hope this all works, because I really, really would miss you. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me and visiting my little blog through the years.

Whew, now let's get quilting!


Kelsey said...

Pardon me if I'm just a little confused, but aren't you a blogger blog? Shouldn't it keep working just fine for all of your followers?

Richard Healey said...

Blogger is Google so yes we will continue to follow just like before.


Meggie said...

It must be too late in the evening and I'm too tired to understand. Maybe I will get my computer guru to take a look at your post and explain how this will affect me and the blogs I follow. Thanks for making me aware of the changes.

Cyndi said...

LOL! Just when I finally get the hang of using Blogger the way it is, they go and change things. I am so computer-challenged it's not even funny. I sure hope I don't lose anyone, or anyone doesn't lose me! :o] Thanks for the explanation!!!



Allie said...

I should go ahead and check all the blogs I follow. I know they're not all blogger. Oh my gosh that's an all day chore....yikes!

Carol said...

Thanks for the info., but I don't use Google Friends Connect so I don't see it affecting me at all.

Loris said...

Thanks for the info. I'm still a bit confused as I read through the different pages from google.
I think I'm covered to follow the blogs I do now but not sure what to do to make sure my 'followers' can still follow me. I put an email choice on my page. I suppose that is a start. Not sure if I should do Google+ or not. March 1 will be interesting to see what happens.