Saturday, December 14, 2019

Day 14 - 31 Day Writing Challenge

Day 14 is show us your fabric.

When I started quilting almost 35 years ago, there was not much of selection of 100% cotton fabric. And there weren't any quilt shops. At least not in my area. You bought fabric from the department stores, or Cloth World.

Then along came the quilting craze and cotton seemed to be everywhere. JoAnns's expanded and other fabric stores started showing up. Quilt shops were growing across the nation.

In those days I had little stash, so I made it my goal to feed my stash.  Now, however, my stash has grown too much. And some of the fabrics that I loved, have fallen out of favor.

Of course, it's just so hard to not buy a piece of fabric when you visit a quilt shop. Right?

Happy Quilting!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm 68. Your post had me remembering the fads of fabric I have lived through. I learned to sew back in the 60s in High School. That was when you could choose classes that would be useful to you and you learned about how the government worked. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that jab at our local schools). I was thinking back about where I bought fabric. There was only one quilt/craft shop in town. Over the years I have grown my stash of cottons and am glad that I can now create quilts without buying a lot of fabric. I'm still a sucker for novelty fabrics, but I admit that I am more selective about what I buy.
Merry Christmas