Monday, October 31, 2022

Visiting quilt shops

Visiting quilt shops in other states is often very interesting. The styles are often so different. Where we live the style of fabric is often very tropical. 

This is the first shop that I visited.

It was huge!


Although they had a large selection of fabric I did not find anything that caught my eye.  I asked if they had the Bottom Line Thread by Superior as I have been looking for some. They did not. 

More to come :-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

I found a prize

 We have been traveling. And when we travel we like to look for Antique shops. We often just go in and browse. I have found many things that I purchased at Goodwill on the antique shelves for 5 times what I paid :-) 

So we found this one shop. Hubby found a really nice clock at a remarkable price. As I was walking around I saw something that peeked my interest. Of course no price tag. So I asked what the price might be. It is something I have looked at before and it was always out of my price range. When the manager got a hold of the vendor he gave him a price. After a moments contemplation, we decided to buy it. 

And here it is ..............

whoop! I'm in love :-) The missing knob is inside the drawer. Just needing a screw.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Anyone agree?


source: Art Gallery Fabrics

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Birdhouse

 Hubby and I took a quick trip to Georgia. Of course we had to stop at one of my favorite quilt shops.  Birdhouse Quilts is just off the Interstate 75 and easy to get to.

I didn't spend a lot of time there. Just a quick look see.

Came away empty handed, but with a little bit of inspiration.

Monday, October 17, 2022

A Novel Proposal

A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter is such a delightful read. The story truly captured my heart.

When Sadie Goodwin is given the ultimatum of changing her genre of writing, she feels totally out of her element. She has only written westerns, but she must change course or return her $20,000 advance. How can she return what she has already spent? And the new genre? Romance. What does Sadie know about Romance? She's never been in love!

Finding refuge in a beach cottage, Sam is the next door neighbor. A quiet man who is running away from a very hurtful situation. He finds Sadie's enthusiasm and optimism a bit too much. When they find an engagement ring hidden in a donated book, they team up to find the owner. 

But as time goes on, romance is in the air. Even though both Sam and Sadie fully deny it, because after all, her home is in New York City, and he is a local resident. 

I totally loved this book. I loved Sadie's enthusiasm and her way of procrastinating about her writing deadline. And Sam was such a gentleman. A hero in my book. A clean enjoyable read. Denise Hunter is a master storyteller. Writing well rounded sound characters, she is able to covey her characters deep feelings and emotions. Great dialog and very engaging reading. I've read many of her other novels and she never disappoints. Publication is in March but it is definitely a must read. 

I received a complimentary an e-copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Friday, October 14, 2022


 I finally finished binding the fall harvest quilt. Hung it in the hallway.

                                          Sew and Tell

                                      Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Monday, October 10, 2022

A Quilt for Christmas - book review


A Quilt for Christmas by Melody Carlson is such a heartwarming story. Centered around Vera Swanson, a lonely widow who has just relocated to be near her daughter. However, son-in-law is soon transferred and they move out of the area. Moving into a new neighborhood, Vera knows no one. But a four year old little girl knocks on Vera's door, asking for her help for her ill mother. Soon little Fiona Albright finds Vera's beautiful Nordic Star quilt and wants to make one for her sick mother for Christmas. 

This story had so much heart. From Vera needing to recruit help to make the quilt, to the friendships that develop with three other women. Artist Tasha, empty nester Beverly and Eleanor, who is cold and apparently heartless, each joins the quilting group.  What happens after the ladies start to work on the quilt for the Albright family is quite a lovely story.

This story is perfect for someone who enjoys reading about family, relationships and friendships. Melody Carlson is an expert on writing believable characters.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Florida Sheriff Task Force Response


Every day I have watched the news and my heart just breaks for the loss in South Florida. The storm was absolutely devastating but the response from people everywhere has been inspirational and moving.

Please view this video put out by the Florida Sheriffs Task Force.  We appreciate our Sheriffs and how they have been activated during this disaster.

Friday, October 7, 2022

Fabric Therapy

 We finally have internet! What a week it has been. We were very fortunate to have power but as you  know we have all become so dependent on internet. It sure helps to stay in touch.

But a friend and I went to the Quilted Twin for a little fabric therapy.

Rows and rows, really miles and miles of fabric. Every kind you could ever dream of.

And yes, this is one of the panels that I bought.

Such a fun trip. 

Monday, October 3, 2022


 In Florida, the rain stopped, but the flooding hasn’t. 

King Street in St. Augustine, Fla., was submerged in floodwaters on Thursday.


Hurricane Ian has left destruction in it's path. Cutting across Florida and into the Carolinas, it has been relentless. The scenes of flooding and buildings left in rubble have been extremely sad to view. The original path was heading to my town, but then by Tuesday turned easterly and made land fall on Pine Island. There are towns with nothing left. And water everywhere. Sharks and alligators were seen swimming in the streets. More than 80 have been reported dead so far. Rescue operations are going on in Pine Island as roads and bridges were destroyed and left the people stranded.

Thank you for all who thought of us during this time. We are safe. We have power, but no internet. Clean up was taxing for my hubby, but we were able to clean up the debris from trees. I am thankful and blessed that this monster storm did not strike Tampa Bay. But feel so sorry for the destruction that Ian brought to our southerly neighbors. If you would like to help there are organizations that are stepping in.

"Let's keep the survivors in our prayers, but also looking for ways to help.  Besides the Red Cross, there are two other charities that are extremely experienced in disaster recovery work: Samaritan's Purse and Convoy of Hope.  I believe both accept volunteer help and of course donations.  Samaritan's Purse are already getting engaged with the recovery.  And Convoy of Hope is already at work as well.  For additional info on these two groups go to:

Thank you!