Book Reviews

Rocky Road - Becky Wade
If the Boot Fits - Karen Witemeyer
Julia Monroe Begins Again - Rebekah Millet
While the City Sleeps - Elizabeth Camden
A Royal Christmas - Melody Carlson
The Starlet Spy - Rachel McDaniel
Wildflower Falls - Denise Hunter
The Secret To Happiness - Suzanne  Woods Fisher
The Ranchers Sanctuary - Linda Goodnight
Fairest of Heart - Karen Witmeyer
The Words We Lost - Nicole Deese
Last Chance Cowboy - Jody Hedlund
Windswept Way - Irene Hannon
Sweeter Than Chocolate - Lizzie Shane
In Love's Time - Kate Breslin
A Match in the Making - Jen Turano
Hearts of Steel - Elizabeth Camden
A Novel Proposal - Denise Hunter
What Happens Next - Christina Suzann Nelson
The Last Way Home - Liz Johnson
Where the Road Bends - Rachel Fordham
The Sweet Life - Suzanne Woods Fisher
Harvest Moon - Denise Hunter
In Honor's Defense - Karen Witemeyer
Sea Glass Cottage - Irene Hannon
Written on the Wind - Elizabeth Camden
Turn to Me - Becky Wade
What Remains True - Nancy Naigle
A Heart Adrift - Laura Frantz
Crosshairs - Patricia Bradley
A Deep Divide - Kimberly Woodhouse
Meet Me in The Margins - Melisa Ferguson
A View Most Glorious - Regina Scott
As Dawn Breaks - Kate Breslin
On Christmas Avenue - Ginny Baird
Beyond the Tides = Liz Johnson
Carved in Stone - Elizabeth Camden
Lost and Found Faith - Laurel Blount
Riverbend Gap - Denise Hunter
Make You Feel My Love - Robin Lee Hatcher
The Heart's Charge - Karen Witemeyer
A Lady in Attendance -Rachel Fordham
At Lighthouse Point - Suzanne Fisher
Blackberry Beach - Irene Hannon
Let It Be Me - Becky Wade
Make Their Day - Karen Ehman
The way it should be - Christina Suzann Nelson
A Side of Murder - Amy Pershing 
Bookshop by the Sea - Denise Hunter
Prince of Spies - Elizabeth Camden
Tidewater Bride - Laura Frantz
The Escape - Lisa Harris

The Key To Love - Betsy St.Armant
  Finding Wings - Deborah Raney
Ready to Trust - Tina Radcliff
Becoming Elisabeth Elliot - Ellen Vaugh
A Life Once Dreamed - Rachel Fordam
The Cul-De-Sac Wars - Melisa Ferguson
Autumn Skies - Denise Hunter 
 The Christmas Swap - Melody Carlson
 A Bride of Convenience - Jody Hedlund
  Until I Met You - Tari Faris
 A Reckless Love - Beth White
A Dazzle of Diamonds - Liz Johnson
 The Crushing Depth - Dani Pettrey
A Cottage Wedding - Leigh Duncan
 The Librarian of Boone's Hollow - Kim Vogel Sawyer
 At Love's Command - Karen Witemeyer
 Christmas in Bayberry - Jennifer Faye
 Unveiling the Past - Kim Vogel Sawyer
 Stay With Me - Becky Wade
 On a Coastal Breeze - Suzanne Woods Fisher
A Gilded Lady - Elizabeth Camden
Hadley Becketts Next Dish - Bethany Turner
 Before I Called You Mine - Nicole Deese
The Happy Camper - Melody Carlson
The Runaway Bride - Jody Hedlund
A Girls Guide to the Outback - Jessica Kate
More Than We Remember - Christina Suzann Nelson
 The Fifth Avenue Story Society - Rachel Hauck
Love At Christmas - Anne Greene
 Carolina Breeze - Denise Hunter
 Protecting Tanner Hollow - Lynette Eason
 Wrapped Up in Christmas - Janice Lynn
 Protecting Tanner Hollow - Lynette Eason
 Hope's Highest Mountain - Misty Beller
 Aiming for Love - Mary Connealy
 Once Upon a Dickens Christmas - Michelle Griep
 A Distance Too Grand - Regina Scott
 You Belong With Me - Tari Farris
 Finding Lady Enderly - Joanna Davidson Politano
 Lake Season -Denise Hunter
A Glitter of Gold - Liz Johnson
 The Spice King - Elizabeth Camden
 Yours Truly, Thomas - Rachel Fordham
 The Killing Tide - Dani Pettrey
A Reluctant Bride - Jody Hedlund
 The Reluctant Warrior - Mary Connealy
 The Number of Love - Roseanna White
 Driftwood Bay - Irene Hannon
 Sweet On You - Becky Wade
 The Governess of Penwythe Hall - Sarah E. Ladd
 More Than Words Can Say - Karen Witemeyer
 Summer By The Tides - Denise Hunter
 A Tender Hope - Amanda Cabot
 Don't Close Your Eyes - Bob Hostetler
 The Sky Above Us - Susan Sundin
 A Desperate Hope - Elizabeth Camden
I Love You Funny Bunny - Sean Julian
 Flights of Fancy - Jen Turano
Who I Am With You - Robin Lee Hatcher
 On Magnolia Lane - Denise Hunter
 Searching For You - Jody Hedlund
  Hidden Peril - Irene Hannon
 The Cost of Betrayal - Henderson, Pettrey, Eason
The Christmas Heirloom - Witemeyer, Hunter, Thomas, Wade
 Hidden Among the Stars - Melanie Dobson
 An Hour Unspent - Roseanna M. White
 A Rumored Fortune - Joanna Davidson Politano
 Praying God's Promises - Linda Evans Shepherd
A Daring Venture - Elizabeth Camden
 The Hope of Azure Springs - Rachel Fordham
The Spirit Led Heart - Suzanne Eller
 Justice Betrayed - Patricia Bradley
Falling For You - Becky Wade
 Things I Never Told You - Beth K. Vogt
 Pelican Point - Irene Hannon
 Bountiful Blessings - Susie Larson
 A Chance At Forever - Melissa Jaegers
 A Borrowed Dream - Amanda Cabot
 Hearts Entwined - Various
 A Dangerous Legacy - Elizabeth Camden
 An Inconvenient Beauty - Kristi Ann Hunter
 Fatal Trust - Todd M. Johnson
 A Name Unknown - Rosanna M. White
High As The Heavens - Kate Breslin
 On Love's Gentle Shore - Liz Johnson
 True to You - Becky Wade
What Hope Remembers - Johnnie Alexander
When Tides Turn - Sarah Sundin
 A Note Yet Unsung - Tamera Alexander
An Uncommon Courtship - Kristi Ann Hunter
A Moonbow Night - Laura Frantz
For The Record - Regina Jennings
 The Road to Testament - Eva Marie Everson
The Domino Effect - Davis Bunn
Angel with Steel Wings -  Anne Greene
Game On - Lillian Duncan
 A Tapestry of Secrets - Sarah Loudin Thomas
The Looming Storm - Diane and David Munson
 An Elegant Facade - Kristi Ann Hunter
 From This Moment - Elizabeth Camden
 Wrestling Prayer - Eric Ludy
 Sins of the Past - Henderson, Pettrey, Eason
 Flirtation Walk - Siri Mitchell
 Friends and Enemies - Terri Wangard
  Beyond the Dawn - Elizabeth Camden
 Sabotaged - Dani Pettrey
Beyond All Dreams - Elizabeth Camden
 Not By Sight - Kate Breslin
With Every Breath -  Elizabeth Camden
The Patmos Deception  - Davis Bunn
A Moment in Time - Tracie Peterson
 Silenced - Dani Pettrey