Monday, September 21, 2020

The Edge of Belonging

The Edge of Belonging

Have you ever read something so satisfying, that when you arrived at the end, you close the book and just sigh?

Amanda Cox took my breath away in the first paragraph. She has penned an exceptional debut novel.

1994 - Homeless and unloved, Harvey James comes across a new born baby. Left by the side of road like trash. And trash is what Harvey lives for. But this is love at first sight. And Harvey is determined to keep baby Ivy from the foster system that nearly buried him alive.

Present day - Ivy Rose, caught up in a web of a controlling boyfriend, just misses saying good bye to her grandma. As she dismantles her grandmothers home, there are more questions than answers. Questions about where did she come from? Who was her birth mother. Nobody seems to have answers. Except the missing journal her grandmother left behind. And somebody took.

This story is heartwarming, and compelling. The story crosses present day and 1994 in split-time. Yet it's hard to say, is it Harvey's story or Ivy's? Amanda Cox weaves so many difficult topics seamlessly. This Edge of Belonging is well written and satisfying. It was amazing to me that this was her debut, as she has written like a pro already. Touching me like no other has affected me in a very long time. I look forward to reading anything else Ms.Cox writes.
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from Revell. All views expressed are my honest opinion.


Kathy E. said...

Thank you for this review...this sounds exactly like the type of book I'd love too. I'm currently slogging through a book by a favorite author and am determined to finish it. I'm adding this one to my list!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

It sounds like a good story.