Monday, August 31, 2015

A box of excitment

A box arrived at my doorstep. I had not ordered anything lately but when I saw the return address I knew what it contained.

The box jumped when I touched it. It gave out a little moan and then what sounded like a muffled shout.

Carefully I took my letter opener and slit the tape. The sounds and rumble that were coming from inside gave me pause. Did I dare open this while alone? I felt the pulse of the flaps on the box as the tape gave way.

And then...

an explosion of color burst forth from the box!

YES! It was the latest fabric shipment from Island Batik! The Fall/Winter 2015 line.

I can't wait to get started.
Be sure to stop by Beaquilter's blog for the Summer in the Country Blog Hop.  I can't tell you how much fun it has been to visit the other Ambassadors and see their beautiful creations. You won't be disappointed.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

National Sewing Month

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month?

  The observance of National Sewing Month began in 1982 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan declaring September as National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.” 

September is a time to celebrate our passion, but we know the creative, therapeutic and calming effects of sewing( and quilting) are joys that we can celebrate throughout the entire year.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Christmas is coming

Yikes! Do you realize it is four months til Christmas?  That's 122 days!  Have you started working on your Christmas projects?

I've pulled out some of my Christmas fabrics for a couple of projects I have in mind.  

Don't forget to check in on the Island Batik Summer in the Country Blog Hop for some new ideas, recipes and giveaways.
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8/22 – Pamela Quilts
8/23 – Freemotion by the River
8/24 – The Patchwork Pearl
8/25 – Fun Threads Designs
8/26 – For Quilts Sake
8/27 – Lemon Tree Snippets
8/28 – Bejeweled Quilts
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8/30 – KISSed Quilts – Part 2
8/31 – Beaquilter
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9/2 – Maria Michaels Designs
9/3 – Mary Mack Made Mine
9/4 – Made In Scraps
9/5 – Happy Cottage Quilter
Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Spending time with your Bestie

When my BFF grabbed a $19 fare, she came down for a couple of days from Buckeye country. What fun to catch up and enjoy spending time together.

 We enjoyed lunch at a favorite restaurant.  Sitting outside and taking in the view of the bay.
And you just can't miss an opportunity to visit a quilt shop.  

This shop had a flood back in January, and it didn't seem like they had replenished much of their fabric stock. It was a little disappointing, but hopefully they will get back on their feet again soon.
We did enjoy sharing meals and new recipes. 
 Including Crusty Bread.

All in all it was a fun couple of days.
Now back to Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Coffee Break

Take a peek.

I finally finished this table topper. Quilted and bound!  And finally gracing the table :-)

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Augusta Quilt shop

On our recent travels, it was hard finding any quilt shops. Several that were listed ended up being closed.  But I did stop in at Branum's in Augusta Georgia. Under new ownership, the staff was so friendly and helpful.

This quilt was on display. 

A Jelly Roll friendly pattern. 

One that I think will take on an elegant look using Island Batik fabrics.

Be sure to visit Fiber and Feast today as Adele shares about her Summer in the Country design. 

Enjoy a Happy Quilting day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saving the Stash

I've been getting this top ready for quilting.

I dug around in my stash and found the blue for the border. All of this fabric was left over from other projects.  Doesn't that make it fun?

Be sure to stop by the Island Batik Summer in the Country Blog Hop.  Today Connie of Kaufman Designs is sharing with us.  Here is the whole line up.

 8/17 – Island Batik
8/18 – KISSed Quilts – Part 1
8/19 – Kauffman Designs
8/20 – Adele Mogavero
8/21 – MooseStash Quilting
8/22 – Pamela Quilts
8/23 – Freemotion by the River
8/24 – The Patchwork Pearl
8/25 – Fun Threads Designs
8/26 – For Quilts Sake
8/27 – Lemon Tree Snippets
8/28 – Bejeweled Quilts
8/29 – Tamarinis
8/30 – KISSed Quilts – Part 2
8/31 – Beaquilter
9/1 – Purrfect Spots Designs
9/2 – Maria Michaels Designs
9/3 – Mary Mack Made Mine
9/4 – Made In Scraps
9/5 – Happy Cottage Quilter

Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer in the Country Blog Hop


I'm so excited to be participating in the Island Batik Summer in the Country Blog Hop. The fun starts today at the Island Batik blog. You will have an opportunity to meet all of the Island Batik  Ambassadors and see what they have created with the latest line of Island Batik fabrics. You might find a new recipe, a tutorial and even a giveaway :-)

Here’s the schedule!
8/17 – Island Batik
8/18 – KISSed Quilts – Part 1
8/19 – Kauffman Designs
8/20 – Adele Mogavero
8/21 – MooseStash Quilting
8/22 – Pamela Quilts
8/23 – Freemotion by the River
8/24 – The Patchwork Pearl
8/25 – Fun Threads Designs
8/26 – For Quilts Sake
8/27 – Lemon Tree Snippets
8/28 – Bejeweled Quilts
8/29 – Tamarinis
8/30 – KISSed Quilts – Part 2
8/31 – Beaquilter
9/1 – Purrfect Spots Designs
9/2 – Maria Michaels Designs
9/3 – Mary Mack Made Mine
9/4 – Made In Scraps
9/5 – Happy Cottage Quilter

Enjoy! And Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bread for the Journey

"May my meditation be pleasing to him, for I rejoice in the LORD. " Psalm 104:34

Relax, throw open the windows of our stuffy little souls and let the cooling breezes of a better world sweep through! What will all our petty worries amount to fifty years from now? Rejoice in the old simplicities which no man can take away—like spring and green woods and mocking-birds. And, better still, rest our souls in the goodness of God and His amazing grace. –V. Havner

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Crusty Bread

Do you love home made bread? How about an easy recipe that bakes up crusty on the outside and moist and delicious on the inside?

My daughter found this recipe and has made it in several different flavors. I was amazed at how easy this bread makes up. AND no kneading.

Here is the LINK for the recipe. I just wanted to share the pictures of how beautifully the bread looks. Try different ingredients. We have had cheese and rosemary, Calamari Olive, and Garlic breads. Each one has been delicious. If you love fresh home made bread, I know you will love this one.  


Monday, August 10, 2015

Clean mean sewing machine

Diane Gaudynski's posted on her blog once information about keeping your sewing machine clean. I would think that each brand of sewing machines would have a resource for you to find how to clean your machine. But here are a few to get you started.

Diane Gaudyniski's blog -

Blueberry Buckle Quilt Studio -

Sewing machine care -

Keep those machines running clean :-)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A classic pattern

Do you ever make a pattern that you just love. I mean one that every time you make it, your heart sings.

Alison of Cluck, Cluck Sew has a tutorial for this hour glass pattern. It's a real classic.

The pattern is easy to follow, and with a variety of colors, you end up with a very different look every time.


Sigh... my heart sings!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I finally did it!

For years I've been saving scraps and little pieces of left over fabrics. But no more!  I decided I needed to purge the scraps.

I've saved every little piece, and the pile has finally overwhelmed me.

How about you? Do you save left over pieces from your projects? Do you have a plan to use them?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Not by Sight - a review

Not by Sight

Wow! Kate Breslin's book Not By Sight, totally captivated me. From the first page she kept me wanting more.

Grace Mabry is a young woman caught up with modern times. 1917, when women were fighting for the right to vote. Grace rallied around her motto "For King, For Country, For Freedom" in an effort to shame those men who she surmised to be cowards, as her own brother fought on the front lines in WW1. When she hands Jack Benningham a white feather at the costume ball, she doesn't realize the high price he will pay. When she meets Jack again, he is blinded and scarred. This story contains danger, spies, deception and finally finding the true meaning of courage.

This is the first book I've read by Kate Breslin, but she clearly is a gifted author. Her word pictures were vivid and brought the characters to life for me. It was like watching the story unfold in a movie. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.
This book was sent to me by Bethany House for my review and honest opinion.

Monday, August 3, 2015

A must have list

After asking all of you to share where your favorite quilt shops are located, I thought I would compile a list for you. The next time you are traveling, you will have a handy list to take along.

United States Map 

Sleepy Valley Quilt Shop, Port Angeles WA
The Fabric Patch, Ephrata WA 
GeeGee's, Yelm WA
Fabric Depot, Portland OR
Boersmas, McMinnville OR
Ties That Bind, Coos Bay OR
JanniLou Creations, Philomath OR
Carolina Cotton, Murietta CA
Laughing Ladies, Berthoud CO
Lyons Quilts, Lyons CO
Picket Fence Quilt Co, Wichita KS
Lil Red Hen Quilt Shop, Paola, KS
3 Sisters, Stilwell, OK
Savage Quilter, Oklahoma City, OK
Prarie Quilts, Hennessey, OK
Common Threads, Waxahachie TX
Quilters Cottage, Richmond TX
Stitched With Love, McKinney TX
Quilt Asylum, McKinney TX
Honey Bee Quilts, Austin TX
Quilt Country, Lewisville TX
Sew Crazy, Cedar Park, TX
The Quilt Shack, Dubuque IA
Bluetop Quilt Shop, Lamar MO
The Quilt Sampler, Springfield MO
Homestead Hearth, Columbia MO
Cuts and Bolts, Chillicothe, MO
Sew Sweet, Brunswick MO
Quilters Station, Less Summit MO
Pieceful Gathering, Fox River Grove IL 
Prarie Shop Quilts, Batavia IL
Let's Sew, Evansville, IN
Anna Louise's Needlecrafts, Louisville OH
Sew Much More, Boardman OH
Oh Susannah's, Watkins Glen, NY
Stitch Your Art Out, Pine Grove Mill PA
Needles, Wellsboro PA 
Verna's, Mifflinburg PA
Classic Quilt Shop, Clarksburg WV
Wish Upon a Quilt, Raleigh NC
The Quilt Place, Rockledge FL
Quilters Hangout, Fort Myers FL
Rainbows End, Dunedin FL
Country Quilts and Bears, Clearwater FL

Whew! I tried to list the shops by area, so hopefully that will help if you are looking for a certain part of the country. Hope this list is helpful.

Until then, Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 2, 2015