Thursday, October 28, 2021

Meet Me in The Margins


What a delightful story. Melissa Ferguson writes witty rom-com novels. Although I felt the first 40 pages were a little slow start for me, it quickly picked up the pace.

Savannah Cade is an assistant acquisitions editor for a small publishing house, who publishes non-fiction titles. Savannah has written a romance novel, which the owner, Ms Pennington frowns upon. Her son, William comes on board to run Pennington Publishing, trying to turn the company around. 

When Savannah accidently leaves her manuscript in the "hidden" room, someone starts to edit the pages. Which starts the mystery of, who is taking the time to do the editing. Correspondence interacts between the two writers, which leaves Savannah wondering yet again, who is this mystery editor.

It is really a fun read. The characters and dialogue leave you laughing out loud. The relationship between Savannah and her obsessive compulsive sister brought a new twist to the story. All in all, it was a clean heartwarming story. 

I received a complimentary ebook copy from the publisher, through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

Sounds like a super fun read. I've added it to my list. Thank you.