Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Last Chance Cowboy


The Last Chance Cowboy by Jody Hedlund is the last of the Colorado Cowboys series. 

Catherine Remington is an upper class young woman who is also a midwife. She assists in a birth in a Chicago brothel that turns sad with the passing of Kit. Kit's last request is for Catherine to take the baby to his father in Colorado. Catherine is at odds. How is she going to take the baby from Chicago all the way to Colorado? But when she witnesses a murder, she is forced to run, as the killer is placing the blame on her.

Dylan McQuaid has changed his ways since returning to Colorado, leaving the drunkenness' and womanizing behind. He is now the sheriff of Fairplay and hopes to be reelected in the fall. But when Catherine shows up with his baby, the misunderstanding leads to a quick marriage as Catherine has fallen in love with baby Austin.  

This is absolutely the loveliest love story I've read in a long while. Jody Hedlund has written such an engaging story that is clean, uplifting and beautifully written about God's forgiveness and redemption. I had a hard time putting it down, as I loved every minute of it. 

Hedlund is such an outstanding author. Her stories are full of believable characters. Romance, drama, adventure, self forgiveness.  I have read many of her books and she never fails to bring an element of faith that is not preachy.  Just good story telling. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in clean Christian historical romance. Beautifully written and inspiring.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

This one sounds like a winner. I just put it on my 'wish list'.