Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quilting tea party

Back in January when my BFF from cold country came down to cottage paradise, we spent a day at the Tea house. This is how the "high tea" was presented. Isn't it just lovely?

And if you look very closely, you will see the bottom layer has all the little desserts. But look a little closer. You can see that on the dessert layer are these dainty little demitasse cups. Do you know what was in these delicate little cups?

They were layered with cake, cut up strawberries and whipped topping. A Strawberry Shortcake ala tea room! So delicious, and so creative. Who would have thought to serve strawberry shortcake in these precious little cups? So if you have any little cups just hanging around, even if the saucers are long gone, make up a batch of cake, add some sliced strawberries and top it off with whipping cream. You will be the hostess with the mostess by serving these little gems at your next tea party or quilting bee.

Have a Happy quilting weekend!


Abby and Stephanie said...

What a cute idea serving dessert in a tea cup! Lovely tea party.

Unknown said...

Hi and thanks first for commenting on my restoration. crispy quilts commented and then I see you commented because of her. I love the tea cups, but for strawberry shortcakes, I need mugs! Or large bowls, but in a tea room how cool is that?
I love your quilts and one of the reason I quilt today is because of Amandajean, I was looking for a knitting pattern and there she was knitting fingerless gloves and I saw her quilt tutorials and as they say the rest is history of about a year and a bit. I am crazy for quilting and just make quilts. that's it and I hope to meet someone in my area that feels like I do about quilting, but we go to our cottage in the spring and don't return till fall, so it's hard to join a group.
Your cottage photo was lovely and the story is one to be cherished!
If you look on my older blogs, you will see our cottage stuff. I am adding you too!

AverettLadyNana said...

What a cute idea for serving strawberry shortcake!

Anna said...

Love the teacup shortcakes. I may try something similar for Easter dinner.

Kim Walus said...

I didn't see your email anywhere so I'm going to leave a comment. You WON another giveaway. Please let me know which pattern you'd like and I'll need your address too. Just email me at

Thanks, Kim from

Nancy said...

What a cute idea for strawberry shortcake. This would be perfect for a little girls tea party or a baby/wedding shower. Must remember it...

Nicole said...

That tea display was the prettiest thing I have ever seen! Those little cups are absolutely darling. My daughter does a Mother's Day tea every May and will love this idea. So clever!

Lila Rostenberg said...

How yummy! tea parties in the spring are just perfect!

HOPE said...

Oh my!! Will I ever leave your blog!

Quilting and favorite!

Tea time for me is such a delight. I have many loving memories that have been shared with dear friends and family at Tea Houses.

What a gorgeous High Tea! lovely cups for sure!

Thanks for sharing a delightful post.