Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twas the day after Christmas

and what do we see, underneath the big Christmas tree........

I hope that you all had a very wonderful Christmas day. It seems like it was a mad rush to get there, but now that Christmas is over, new adventures are on the horizon.

Did you get any quilty love this Christmas?? My sweet daughter gave me some very wonderful charm packs. I was so surprised!

Aren't they great! woo-hoo, can't wait to use them :-) Maybe a Schnibbles in the works.

And the biggest surprise of all was this present from all of my children -

Needless to say, I was speechless. I've used a very old (and faithful) digital Sony for years, but just like some of us, it is getting slower and slower. Guess some of those aches and pains will eventually catch up with ole Sony.

woo-hoo! I will finally be moving up into the 21st century. Any help and feedback on how to use this would be greatly appreciated.

So now that you have read my little Christmas tale, you've hung on every word, right?? Okay, okay........ I finally closed the giveaway, and picked TWO winners! Yeah! I hear the cheering section.

SO the first winner, who has first pick of the prizes is -

Mary St. John Nielsen
Mary has a new blog "Keep Me in Quilts". Mary you need to catch up on your blogging. We'd like to get to know you :-)

Mary, please let me know which prize you would like for me to send to you.

Meme's Quilts "All Thru the Year" pattern, four tea towels, fabric to make the Rooster towel.


Becky's Ivy Cottage "Tea Time Tea Towels" pattern, three tea towels, fabric to make the Strawberry cottage teapot and the Rooster teapot, plus several buttons for some of the other tea towels.

And the second winner is -

Bonnie of "That's Life"

So ladies, if you will send me your addresses, I will get these little packages out in the mail.

I was pretty overwhelmed with the response to my little giveaway! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading everyone's comments. I love to read your comments. It's like visiting with a friend, but many of you are from around the world. Thank you for taking the time to visit my little blog. I hope that those of you who are new will come back to visit often.

Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

What a lovely gift ... congrats! It is obvious you had a great Christmas, but someone as sweet as you couldn't help but ...

Congrats! to your lucky winners ...

Hugs, Marydon

Firecracker Kid said...

Congratulations winners!
Love your wonderful and thoughtful gifts you received. Your babies know what momma likes. Lucky you:) Happy New year now! Carol

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Sounds like you hit the Christmas quilter's paradise! What wonderful gifts from those you love the most. Congrats to the winners. I love my EQ program. Just play and play with it, best way I know how to get to use it. It is so much fun.

SewCalGal said...

Sounds like Santa was very good to you. What a delightful Christmas.

I love EQ6 and while still learning, have found that Electric Quilt has many great tutorials on their site, plus highly recommend Quilt University's EQ6 online classes (well worth the money).


Sachiko said...

Wow, sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! You have such a sweet and thoughtful children. Enjoy everything you got! :)

Miriam said...

Happy Birthday to your DD.

Wow!! You certainly have some great Christmas gifts there. I am sure you are going to have lots of fun with all of them!

Lis Harwood said...

Am so glad you had a lovely Christmas - what great pressies! Congratulations to the winners of your giveaway - you gave them a great Christmas too! Happy New Year, love Lis x

Gina said...

How wonderful,

With the Eq I agree with sew gal. Sign up for the lessons with Quilt University. I did all of the EQ classes and I learned so much.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Nat Palaskas said...

Wow, what lovely presents you've got for Christmas!!! My camera is also a Cannon and I'm loving it. I don't have EQ6 though so, can't tell you how to use it. Congratulations ladies for winning the giveaways - Happy New Year - Hugs Nat

luv2quilt2 said...

Congraatulations to the winners. I know they're going to enjoy the giveaway goodies. I don't have EQ, so I can't help you, but I've got my eyes on it for my birthday.

Crispy said...

What a lovely Christmas you had!! I have been using EQ ever since it first came out and never make a quilt without first putting it into the program. Go through the book lessons, do a lot of playing then take the classes if you want to. If you have any questions, the EQ forum is a great place to go, they always respond VERY quickly. Here's the link:


FabricFascination said...

What wonderful Christmas gifts, perfect!

Barb said...

Wow, you did get some fun things for Christmas!!!

sewtakeahike said...

ooooohh, what lovely Christmas presents! You'll have to keep me updated on the quilting program. I've seen it a lot around blogland lately and wonder what it's all about. I hesitate to get it though since I much prefer improv quilts over patterns. :)

Amy Friend said...

Wow, from what I have read about EQ, it's going to keep you so busy playing that you might never get to the quilting! The charm packs look beautiful.

andsewon said...

Oh my a very lovely gifty day for you indeed!!
So deserved if I may say so...;-)
Will look forward to some awesome pics an awesome quilty things from the EQ as well!!
You go gal...LOL!!
As for those charm packs well you can just send them on this way! Ha!!Ha!!or Ho! Ho! Ho!
Congrats to your drawing winners!!!

What Comes Next? said...

What wonderful gifts you received! You'll have lots of fun with all of them, I'm sure. Congrats to the winners, too!

Kim D. said...

Those are great gifts. Yahoo.. I love those Astor manor fabrics. Now we expect those photo's to get better and better with that new camera. :) Congratulations to the two winners.. Lovely giveaway.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW you made a haul there. Nice gifts. That camera will sure come in handy for blogging.
Congrats to your two winners!
Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you will be very busy in the New Year - a wonderful camera and such exciting quilting software to play with. Have fun with the new toys!! And thank you for visiting my blog - come back anytime!!!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Wow! What a wonderful Christmas you had! I've been wanting EQ myself. Congratulations to all your winners. How lucky they are. Such nice gifts!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, you got some great Christmas gifts. A very neat camera.
Congrats to the winners too.