Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did you know?

Extra! Extra! read all about it.................

Did you know that my friend Kelly is having a celebration??

Not just any ordinary celebration. She is celebrating her One Year Anniversary of her blog "I Have A Notion"! And what a celebration it is going to be. For a whole month Kelly is featuring many of the products that she carries. And she is hosting a SUPER giveaway. You can go to any of her posts and sign up. All month long!

Did you know that Kelly has a fabulous blog? She brings every aspect that a blog should have. Drama, humor, action, travel, suspense, machinery, fashion, creativity. She tries really hard to stay inside the law. And I mean it has been close, really close. Like the time she ran away with Alex Anderson.......... and not to speak of the recent incident with the Scissor Man! But we try to keep Kelly straight :-)

And did you know that I Have A Notion has great prices everyday? How can you beat that?

So hop on over and help Kelly celebrate her One Year Anniversary. I would shout about it, but I have lost my voice :-(

*** Oh and by the way, while you are there, be sure to wish Kelly a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too! ***

( Disclaimer- This is a totally unsolicited post. I have not been compensated in any way, shape or form by any of the above featured persons or their associates. Just the opinions of one very satisfied customer and happy bloggy friend :-)



Hugs, Di

Elizabeth said...

Kelly's anniversary celebration is fantastic! Thanks for pointing me in that direction! And the blog has everything you promised: drama, humor, action, travel, suspense, machinery, fashion, creativity. Really fun!