Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making my own Charms

Have you ever bought charm packs only to find that you don't have quite enough to finish your quilt?  Or maybe you just want to make your own charms. 

That's when this handy tool comes to the rescue :-)

You can easily cut as many charms as you like.  Cut strips into 5" or 6" and then re-cut the strips to make the charms.

Here is the yardage recipe for a 6" charm pack -

1/4 yard = 8 squares
1 fat quarter = 12 squares
1/2 yard = 24 squares
3/4 yard = 40 squares
1 yard = 56 squares

You can also cut your jelly roll strips.

Very fast and easy.
Yardage guide for strips. I always find this information helpful when trying to decide how much fabric to purchase.

Width = Strips Per Yard -

1.5" = 23 strips
2" = 17 strips
2.5" = 13 strips
3" = 11 strips
3.5" = 10 strips
4" = 8 strips
4.5" = 7 strips
5" = 7 strips
5.5" = 6 strips
6" = 5 strips

This method seems to be just as effective as a cutting system.  Plus it doesn't take up storage room when not in use.  I just slide it next to my sewing machine table until I need it again.

Happy Quilting!


Susan said...

Wow! Thank you for the information--these would be lovely to give as gifts too!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Great post....I am going to copy the information down. I always guess on what I need and add some...LOL I guess its better to have left over fabric then not enough.
Sending love and hugs, Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Elizabeth

Darlene said...

I have a couple of acquaintances who use their Shape Cut regularly and love it.

Great tips, Jocelyn.

Loris said...

Thank you! I've always wondered about the number of squares, etc.
I'm writing this down :-)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I've seen this before, but, I keep forgetting about it when I need it. One of these days....

Denise :) said...

I love, *love* my June Tailor rulers -- especially the shape cut! It's how we cut the strips for the rag wreath *SO* easily! What a great tool!!! :)

regan said...

I love my Shape Cute ruler! It is the best tool I've bought in the last 2 years! AND, if you use a 50 or 60% coupon at JoAnn's.....it's very reasonable! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I use my June Tailor ruler for very same thing! great minds think Like. Lol

Barb said...

That does look like a useful tool to have!

Pat said...

I LOVE my shape Cuts! As a matter of fact, when our guild asked everyone to bring their favorite ruler to one meeting & demo it, I brought my Shape Cut. Good thing that Joann Fabrics was having a big sale because a bunch of our members bought them at 60% off!

Margaret said...

I have that ruler and use it all the time. I cut my bindings and almost anything that has a strip of any size. It is the best money I have spent on a ruler in a long time.

Denise in PA said...

Thank you so much for this information! I just bought a Shape Cut and can't wait to use it!

Rhonda D. said...

I love my Shape Cut!! This is how I cut my charms, too!