Friday, June 28, 2013

One moment please!


 I don't know much about Google Reader because I don't use it. But if you use Google Reader to follow my blog you need to find another option. I know if you don't have an alternative then you won't be able to visit me and I'll miss you a lot! If you need an alternative, read HERE and HERE about your options.

 With Google Reader going away July 1st, I'd like to ask a favor.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, please go to the block of Google Friends Connect in the right hand column that says Join this Site and sign up!  It's just a way to stay connected with my blog posts and lets me know that you visit Happy Cottage Quilter.  
You can also subscribe by email.  There is a box right under GFC where you can sign up to automatically receive any updates directly in your email.

Thanks so much.  With all the hub bub about Google Reader, and all the other reader options, I'm hoping not to lose any of YOU my special friends during this transition.


Terry said...

I've been following you with Feedly since they announced that Google Reader would be going away, and I love it! :0)

Susan said...

Had no idea about Google Reader--one more thing to worry about:-D

Loris said...

I've been pondering all of these notices and still haven't done anything about it :-/
I am signed in at Blogger and don't really know if I use GR or not ? Still site ignorant here. I haven't wanted to use Bloglovin' because I don't want to sign in ot Facebook. But I will figure it out and still follow you :-) Hope I don't lose all the readers at my blog!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Google told me that the dashboard isn't going away. I never used Google reader. I don't like Google friends connect, since, on most of the blogs that use it, I can no longer comment unless I sign up for that. I'm copying all my blog links now, just in case the people at Google were wrong, and dashboard disappears, too. I never trust anything to do with computers.

QuilterMary said...

I did use Goggle Reader and switched to bloglovin' and actually like it better.

Rita said...

I switched over to Bloglovin and like it better than Google also.

Unknown said...

Well as I seem to be the only one who cannot sign into bloglovin. My blog is not recognized. what did I do when I created my blog I wonder? I have even purchased my domain, but still the Bloglovin won't recognize me.
I might try somewhere else.