Friday, March 7, 2014

I love this

Years ago I used to use Connecting Threads Variegated threads.  They were discontinued a couple of years ago, which was very very sad.

However, they recently sent an email saying

You asked, We listen!  And they are carrying the Variegated threads again!

Check it out!!


Terry said...

It looks like beautiful thread! :0)

ferne said...

I am loving the amount of thread on that spool!

JJ said...

I love it too and I am so glad they carry it again.

margaret said...

just checked out the full range and have emailed the company to see if they sell them in the UK I say if not why not

Sunnybec said...

I have asked them to deliver to France as well Margaret.... so far no go. :-(

Pokey said...

I really like the look of variegated stitches in my quilting. Do you use this cotton thread for quilting? I have a quilt my sweet MIL quilted for me a few years back, and the threads are breaking with the quilt's use, but I do not know what kind of thread she used. I have always used Gutterman poly. Curious minds want to know, give me your opinion ~