Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Binding - the end of the story

Do you enjoy sewing the binding on your quilts??  That is one part of quilting that I really don't enjoy. It seems to take so long to cut the binding, press, sew it onto the quilt, and then hand sew it down.

When we were doing a lot of charity quilts, I found that bringing the backing fabric over to the front side of the quilt was a great way to cut down on the time invested in finishing the quilt. Now I don't want to re-invent the wheel, but I thought I would just show you how I do it.

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If I have enough backing fabric to bring it around to the front side, after quilting the quilt I measure and trim to two inches of the backing.

I trim off the excess batting.

Fold down once onto itself -

then fold it again (still onto the itself) -
Then I fold it over the border and pin.

When I come to the corner I trim off the first part of the fold to reduce bulk

then finish folding the first row before starting the next section

again, fold onto itself once,

the second fold -
Fold over onto the border and pin

I use my walking foot to sew the binding down -

and I have also used a decorative stitch that is built into my machine.

I don't know if you can see the nice stitches on the back side -

Just wanted to share how I do this quick and easy binding ;-)

Happy Quilting!


Rebecca said...

I love binding a quilt because then it is done! Finished! Ready to hang, use, gift , enjoy, share.

I hate the quilting because of the bulk, movement, and so many things that can go wrong with tension and the drag of the quilt on my sewing machine.
Binding is easy as I sit and yack with others or listen to the TV!

Podunk Pretties said...

Binding is my favorite part of quilting. I think its because it's the final stage before the "TADA I'm done." It also gives me a reason to sit in front of the TV for a whole day and not feel like a couch potato! But like you when I need a quilt done quickly I use the sewing machine on the binding. The quilting process is my least favorite.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What a fabulous reminder that I can use the backing for binding ... I don't have enough fabric for the binding of the chevron quilt I'm currently quilting and really didn't want to order more ... and now I don't have to!! Thanks!!!

Terry said...

I bring the backing over to the front for binding a lot! It just saves so much time. And even when I do a separate binding, I machine stitch the whole thing. :0)

Val said...

This is how Granny used to do it. Of course hers wasn't as neat as yours. She never measured and always just cut with scissors. I really miss her! Thanks for reminding me of how she did her binding.

margaret said...

thanks for this tutorial, much easier than a separate binding if the backing fabric is nice. I find the quilting so hard to do but I persevere

Tanna said...

I guess it doesn't matter if you are quilting or knitting... the finishing is always the less fun part!! ;) blessings ~ tanna

Anita said...

Great tip, thanks! I was just wondering how to do this as I saw it done on a beautiful quilt in Quiltmania.