Friday, August 15, 2014

A Name

You know that sometimes a name will conjure up pictures in your mind. Past experience will start the mind computer and run the video.

A rose will conjure up this -

For sewers the name Bernina brings something like this to mind -

Let's just say "Paducah" and what do you think of?? Well if you have been there, and you are a quilter, you think of the annual Quilt show. Or the Quilting museum. We don't tend to think of all the historical background of this little town.

Or if I were to say Ford or Chevy, somehow I don't think this is the picture that you would conjure up in your mind ..........

And of course there are some double meanings for certain names. I mean after all, I am sure the people at NASA do NOT consider a UFO to have anything to do with textile ;-)

Names are important. They hold in place either a person, a place, or even a thing. And they bring to mind a history or a memory.

I have read somewhere that a person's name is the sweetest sound. Have you ever noticed when you are in a crowded room, that if someone calls your name, you will turn and look. Or respond in some way.

I have an unusual name. It has always caused a tongue stumble for most people. I remember when I was a little girl how people would stumble over my name.  I've learned through the years to just answer if they are anywhere close. I have a nickname that I'm called by my family and friends, but there is always an explanation that goes along with it.

I guess for years I did not like my name, but it was mostly because it was different and people would butcher it. I liked my nickname as it was easier and I felt like it could just roll of the tongue. So much so that now when people call me by my "real" name it sometimes feel odd, or like it isn't really me. As I have gotten older, I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin and now I enjoy my name. It is unique, and you don't hear it everywhere you go.

So I hope you don't mind my little bit of banter :-) It's nice to have a place to share thoughts, even when they are not quilt related.

Have a wonder filled day.


Shannon said...

I wish you would have shared your name to finish your story! I used to not like my name too, it's still not my favorite. It always sounds funny when people say it. My name is Shannon. I much prefer mama which I get to hear lots of times in a day!

sunny said...

Soooo.....what is your name? I'll hate my name til my dying day. I used to tease my mom that I would never forgive her, but I did. :-)

Rina Mason said...

My name is Rina and I've always loved it because no one else had it and everyone remembered it and me. I've had it pronounced Rita, Rye-na and on occasion correctly as Rina, like Tina. The only bad thing about my name is that when I got in trouble there was no denying it when they called my name. lol

Lady Linda said...

I have such a common name that defines my age...Linda. I HATE my middle name...Louise. The only thing I have to like about my name is the fact that my dad picked out my name. The last few years, I have started going by Linda Lou and I really like it!
I love the names we chose for our daughters...Angela and Gina. Names are so interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your blog but am frustrated because you did not share your name - I think you need to do that now that you have us all waiting with baited breath.

I never liked my name Pauline - always got teased about the stories of Perils of Pauline - who was long before my time anyway and I had no idea what she got up too. Also my maiden name was Dollin which invited all kinds of doll type name calling.

I decided eventually that my first name was something I couldn't change and so I accepted it and I married into the Perry family which I like the sound of better than my maiden name.

Please share.

perry94022 at hotmail dot com

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Funny about names. My oldest granddaughter is named Taryn, and she's already got "issues" with spelling and pronunciation (most people think we're saving Karen). My oldest grandson is named Trey and everyone wants to know if he's a III (he's not, his mama and daddy just liked that name). My name is, of course, Kathy ... and I've never really liked it - in part because my given name is Kathleen, so I have to explain when asked my full name, etc. and also because when I was growing up, there were so many Kathys ... in one of my history classes in High School, there was Kathy #1, Kathy #2, and Kathy #3.

andsewon said...

Well I love your name. So pretty. You can well guess what I have had to deal with on the name front! Seems there are quite a few "lola" songs and they have all been sung to me at one time or other! hahaha!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

In jr high and high school, there were 3 'Cheryl G's', not to mention all the other Cheryl's sprinkled throughout the classes. There were 6 Cheryl's in 4th grade. There are still lots of Cheryl's everywhere I go. It gets tiring. I like your name. It's pretty, and, not common.