Friday, December 12, 2014

Have you ever been to Greece?

I was so looking forward to reading Davis Bunn's latest novel, The Patmos Deception. Bunn is, once again, a master story teller. I felt like I had traveled to Greece. The economic downfall, the political upheaval, the historical background, family, traditions, all laid the foundation to a very compelling story. The characters were intriguing and complex. Bunn's use of picture words has always been such an exciting adventure for me. I am there, I am watching, hearing the conversations, being a part of the story. Not many writers can draw me into their stories as Bunn can. If you have ever read any of Davis Bunn's books, you know he can take you to the precipice and leave you wanting for more. This book has suspense, a touch of romance, one man's faith blooming, and a look at life in modern day Greece.

I am a reviewer for Bethany House Publishing.  I was sent a complementary copy of this book for my honest review.  I would highly recommend this book.


Scrappy quilter said...

I so enjoy his books. I decided not to do a review on this one because of time restraints. It will be one I put on my list for future reading.

SewCalGal said...

I've never been to Greece, but have it on my bucket list. Not familiar with this author, but I appreciate hearing your insights and I'll definitely check out this book. Thank you.


margaret said...

not come across this author before but will put him on my list and next time I go to the library will see if they have any of his books. I have been to Corfu but not the mainland