Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A little bit of a mystery

I have amassed quite a collection of quilting books. And sometimes I wonder if I will ever make even one project from the books. I found this book at a thrift shop a couple of years ago.
I thought this book looked very familiar, but I did not think that I actually owned this book.
So as I am leafing through the pages I recognized several of the quilts. And now I know why.

I loved making Button Box. It was such a fun quilt.

And the Bow Tie quilt

was another fun one to make

Cracker on the other hand
never was finished.

While making the blocks for this quilt, I had so many blocks left over that I made another quilt and gave it away. So the borders never were finished. And I could not figure out why it never was completed.

The mystery was that one of my quilting buddies had the book, and we all worked on these patterns together. When I put this last one away, I did not have the instructions to complete it.

Happy day to find the book again, and will be added to my "to do" list :-)


GO STARS! said...

I have that book. I always wanted to do the cover quilt but never even started. I'm going to go pull it out and look at the projects again.

Nicole said...

That was one of the first quilting books I ever purchased. I used to pore over it, marking pages that had patterns I wanted to make. I still have that book on my bookshelf and think it needs another look. It was full of great ideas. Thanks for reminding me!

evelyn said...

Yep, I have that book too. Gonna give it another look now.

margaret said...

so good that you can now complete the quilt, I think most of us are tempted and unable to resit books and like you I have lots that I have never made anything from but love to browse through them and keep buying more!

Susan said...

Looks like a great book and one that would help me use up a lot of "apron" scraps!! XOXO

Bonnie said...

OK, you've motivated me...again! :) Time to get out MY book and give it another look-through. Thank you!