Saturday, November 3, 2018

It is really Fall?

I love to see homes decorated for the seasons. One of my biggest problems, living in the deep south, has been decorating for fall. When the temps are still in the 80's and flowers are still blooming, it's hard to wrap your mind around fall leaves and cool breezes.
Most of our decorations are packed away in a box marked "FALL".  I found a table runner and a couple of candles. And these warm fall quilts to spread out around my home.

I do love the warm colors of fall. These are the only leaves that will turn color around here!

As we say down here in the South -

Happy Fall Ya'll.


Sam I Am...... said...

I live in the South in North Central Arkansas and I know what you mean! But this fall was cooled off and rained instead of the usual heat and drought and fire danger. The colors are beautiful and I have sat outside and knitted in the sun!
I love your Fall items and I showed a fall colored quilt the other day on my blog with leaves and all. Happy Fall you!