Monday, August 24, 2020

Chevron quilt

I watched a Youtube on making a Chevron quilt.  The demo was using a Layer Cake, but I thought I would try to make my own with 6" squares.

I picked out an assortment of fabrics.  Plus white background fabric.

Cut 6" strips and then again into 6" squares.

Pair up a white square with one of the color fabric squares.  Sew all the way around.

With your trusty rotary, cut the sewn square in an X.
Press your seams to the dark fabric.
Line up the Chevrons and start sewing the blocks together.
I will work on these blocks and see how large this quilt will turn out.  I cut two yards of white background, and various amounts of the red and blue.  

Happy Quilting!


Patti said...

Just what I needed to see to get me started on a new project, thanks!! Love your colors

Sherrill said...

I've seen several of those style quilts and loved every one! And every time I see one, I think 'I really want to do one of those'!! Yours is off to a GREAT start--love it!