Tuesday, January 26, 2021


When Covid hit a lot of us were looking for ways to fill our time as we sheltered at home.  I know many started embroidery, cross stitch, trying new recipes, sending cards, and so forth. For me it was reading. I reviewed 57 books in 2020, and that is not including books I checked out from the library. 

Although reading has been a wonderful way to fill my time at home, I also found one more way to amuse myself. Puzzles. At the beginning of the lock down, puzzles became scarce, like other items. But I found a couple at the Dollar Tree, and started working them. It's been years since I worked puzzles, but I found that it was pleasant to do, and before I realized it, time slipped by.

I started with smaller ones. 300 - 350 pieces.

I thought this one was so pretty. My daughter had to help me to finish it, mostly because of a couple of mistakes that just wouldn't play out. She was a good detective.

When I bought this one, I did not realize it was a round puzzle. It was challenging at first, as I usually work the outer edges first. Which was hard to do with a round puzzle.

Between Christmas and New Years I worked this one.

I fell in love with this picture. Isn't it sweet? There was only one problem.

It had a piece missing. This was an expensive puzzle and I was pretty disappointed that it was not complete. Being a seasonal one, the manufacturer would not be able to replace it. So I probably won't be buying this brand again. This pretty Christmas one was 500 pieces. I thought I would labor to finish, but it went together beautifully.

I found another 500, and finished this one lickty split.

So I am challenging myself to tackle 1000 pieces!

I found this puzzle at a thrift store, so I'm hoping all the pieces will be there.

My daughter gave me another 1000 piece puzzle for Christmas.  And it's so pretty. 

I can't wait to start it. But let's see how I manage the lighthouse first!!

Have you found a new hobby since Covid?


Jayne Honnold said...

I did a lot of reading (56 books in 2020)which I wrote about yesterday. I also did 2 puzzles over the Christmas/New Year holiday. one was 500 pieces; the other 1000. I would do more, but then my sewing and quilting would suffer, as would my reading, housekeeping, showering, sleeping, etc. I have no restraint while a puzzle is on the table!

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

I knew you were an avid book reader, but had no idea you read so many books in 2020. Awesome. I find puzzles a challenge, but I do love them. My SIL who has dementia has always enjoyed puzzles and continues to do so, although she has lost the majority of her communication skills. I think puzzling for her has really kept her more mentally alert and certainly provides her plenty of joy. I've learned a lot about puzzling when I do it with her. She has been a good teacher, who is very patient with me. She can often complete a 1,000 piece puzzle in a day or two, whereas for me it would take weeks on my own.

GranChris said...

I am a puzzle addict. I always have one on a table. They have gotten expensive so I hunt for reasonably priced ones that will keep me entertained.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My hubby and son have been doing puzzles the last few months. I've been too busy sewing. My schedule hasn't changed much, since I still have to go to work every day (home health care aid). I do like to do puzzles on the computer.