Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The thread factor

When I first started quilting, there was only one kind of thread to use. Basically it was Coats and Clark or some very cheap polyester version. Today, there are so many thread choices it can make your head spin.

I read in one of Diane Gaudynski's books that she sometimes uses silk thread for her quilting. So I thought I would give it a try.

Remember this quilt that I made for my daughter?

I decided to quilt it with silk thread.

I'm sure it it difficult to see the quilting, but I found that the silk thread really quilted up nicely. It doesn't lay on top of your fabric like cotton thread does. Nor does it dig in like invisible thread. It just seems to blend into the fabric. And let me tell you, it sews so smoothly.

Have you ever quilted with silk thread?

Do you have a favorite thread for machine quilting??

Happy Quilting!


Joanne said...

Your quilt is beautiful!
I have used that silk thread too, and love it. I also use "Invisafil" (a coloured polyester 100 wt) thread that works the same way as the silk, but much cheaper.

Stephanie said...

I love thread reviews. I don't do much machine quilting but I tend to use cotton. I have used metallics, once upon a time.

Barb said...

Hummmm I might have to try that, I am guessing that it didn't break at all?

Mary Ann and Mother said...

I agree completely that there are so many choices, it makes my head spin. I love to use Presencia 50w cotton. It's recommended by Harriet Hargrave.

Quilthaze said...

I do love YLI silk thread and use it when I want the quilting to blend in. Most of the time I use King Tut variagated cotton which comes in lovely shades and also stitches very smoothly.

Darlene said...

I've never used silk thread for quilting but after your review it's definitely worth a try. I have a tendency to stick with 100% cotton.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Good Morning,
I have not tried silk thread yet. I have always used cotton for all my sewing projects. I will have to try the silk thread.
The quilt you made for your daughter is lovely and the colors are really pretty.
This weekend I'm off to the fabric store to buy enough yardage to start Christmas gifts..I know I said Christmas LOL but as you know it takes time to complete a quilt and I would like to make four for gifts.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Superior Threads said...

When searching for silk thread, remember it comes in different sizes...from the finest #100 up to #16 buttonhole silk. This thread is strong and most can be used in a longarm machine as well as a home machine. Here's a Thread Reference Guide for Home Machines.
It's very helpful when running threads on your machine.

Superior Threads

Allie said...

I'll have to try it - this quilt is just beautiful!

Ivory Spring said...

YLI Silk 100 and Aurifil Mako 50 are my go to quilting threads.

Sharon said...

I have used that very thread for hand applique. It does just melt into the fabric & makes me look like an excellent appliquer! I don't know why I haven't thought to try it on the machine. Especially when I want to enhance with quilting, not upstage the piecing, etc. Thanks

Jackie said...

I too have used that exact thread, but only for hand applique. I've never thought of using it for machine quilting. For hand applique - which I don't do much of - I use color 249. It blends into most everything.

evelyn said...

I have used silk thread for hand sewing, and bindings. Never thought to use it in the machine. Thanks
I have just recently tried Presencia. Love it.

Crispy said...

I've used silk thread for applique but found it too slippery. It's great to hear how nice it machines though :0)


Nicole said...

Thank you for this great suggestion! I too, like to use silk thread for applique, and never thought to try it for machine quilting.

Cheryl said...

Think I will have to give that a try!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I love YLI Silk threads for needle turn is so easy to hide my stitches. I never tought to use it for quilting...I've been using the Invisifil because it hides the stitches so well. I think I gotta try some silk for quilting...thanks for the tip :)


Dora, the Quilter said...

So far my favorite thread for machine quilting is Fil-Tec Glide (available from retailers and direct from
I've posted about it several times--probably most recently here:
Years ago I used various Sulky threads, but the vintage machines I use for quilting (as well as my new one)love Glide even more and I love the slight shine it gives to the quilting.