Friday, May 8, 2009

Rescue continues...

There were so many pretties out there this past weekend, but there sometimes has to be something that makes me stop in my tracks to pry those Andrew Jackson's out of my wallet. Not that I am cheap or anything. I like to think of myself as "thrifty", and a woman who "considers a field and buys it". Not that I have bought any fields lately. Well maybe small, very small fields.

So when I was browsing up and down, row upon row of booths filled with every this and that you can think of, my eyes came upon this little grouping.

A breaksfast set, in the most creamy blue color you have ever laid your eyes on.

I have a real weakness for china and pretty dishes. Mostly ones made in England and the good ole US of A. This set is Johnson Brothers made in England. Can't you just picture some fine lady receiving her breakfast in bed served on this beautiful display of china?? Egg in the egg cup, oatmeal in the bowl and toast under the cover. A perfectly brewed pot of tea or coffee with fresh cream and a dash of sugar. So very lovely.

One object that I search for whenever I have an opportunity is a Depression glass pattern called Heritage. My Mom had a few cups and saucers, and when she passed away I brought them home. I have found a large platter, and a large serving bowl, an orphan saucer or cup every now and then. So whenever I stop in an antique mall, I keep an eye out for something to add to my collection.

At our last stop of the day, I found this cup in the first booth when we entered the store. It was a rather large store, and the further back I went I came across an orphan saucer. Yipee..... but that is not all. On further investigation, there was a pile of dishes all marked 1/2 off. It was there that I found some of these -

What a very nice addition to my collection.

As we had put many miles on the car, the GPS had directed us to an Air Force Base town. Jet planes were soaring overhead as we drove down the main road. Jets in formation darted back and forth as crowds were watching from the streets. It was a full, fun and exhausting day.


imquilternity said...

How lovely to find more depression glass to add to your collection and such a pretty pattern. I like the clear color very much. The pale blue set by Johnson Bros is wonderful. Johnson Bros is such high quality...I love them! Lucky you!!

L. jane E. said...

All beautiful, but I have to say I'm a little partial to the blue breakfast set. GORGEOUS!

andsewon said...

Love it all!!!!
Have some of the clear glass depressionware too!!! That blue set is do DH serving you come this Sunday in bed???? Ha!
Need an old fashioned frilly bed jacket too...;-)

blushing rose said...

Fantastic find in the depression glass ... I don't know if you know it but a lot of those old depression glass items came in cereal, soap & other kinds of foods. Mother used to 'cross her fingers' hoping that the piece she wanted was in the next.

Have a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

WOW you found some great things. I love that color blue. Very cute, I'd love to be served breakfast on that.

Amy Friend said...

Incredible finds. I love the glass dishes. It seems that you are able to find treasures wherever you go. I swear that it is getting harder in this area of New England. Everyone seems to be selling on ebay instead of in little shops.

Crispy said...

I don't think I could have passed up the blue set either, how pretty!!