Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vintage days

Recently I told my dear daughter that I remember receiving a fancy apron when I was married. I could not remember where it was, but I was sure I still had it.

So today, I went through my old cedar chest and found these gems.

My Mom had a little girl who was born about eight years before I came along. She died when she was about three years old. I think this little embroidered top may have been hers. I really have no way of knowing for sure, but just by trying to date the top, it seems like it would have been before my time.

This however, was my christening dress! It was all hand made by a relative. I don't know who made it, or even where it was made. My parents were in their 40's when I was born, so a lot of their friends were older too. It is a beautiful silk with all the lace work intricately done. I really treasure still having this dress.

These are my little booties. They are at least (uh-hum) 50 years old. Cute, huh?

My Mom loved to crochet. She made so many beautiful things. Here are a few.

I always loved the pineapple stitching. Pineapple is a sign of Welcome!

I really love this pink dresser skirt. It's a lovely design and in perfect condition.

Aha! This is what I was looking for........

I don't know if you can really see in the pocket. But there is a little silver ring inside the heart shaped pocket. Oooo la,la.....

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Happy quilting, and don't forget to make someone smile!


Crispy said...

How wonderful to have all those keepsakes, my mom was a pack rat except for heirloom stuff. She even sold my great great aunt's handmade quilts for $10 each in a garage sale...sheesh.


marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Oh how lucky you are to have those treasures. What a beautiful Christening gown. The apron is great and I could see the ring, why a ring in the pocket? Just wondering.

Stitched With Prayer said...

You must be so delighted to have found such beautiful treasures. I love going through those types of things. The baby items are really beautiful. You should take the little embroidered top to someone who specializes in dating items like that from the textiles used in them. Your mom's doilies are wonderful too. I also loved to crochet and Pineapple doilies and Wheat doilies were my favorite. Due to health issues that affect my hands, I can't do the fine stitch work anymore but I have many that I love. I also have some that my grandmothers made and my mom too. They are very dear to me. Thanks so much for sharing. OH, do you know who the ring belonged to?

blushing rose said...

All of these items look like early 1940s ... or a bit earlier. I have similar items from my Mother's stash of things she saved, & I treasure. These are such wonderful 'gifts' to have for future generations.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Awww...there is just nothing better than to find something that has been misplaced and then to stumble upon other sweet serendipitous treasures. These are fabulous pieces to treasure!!!


Bunny said...

What great memories of the past, to pass down. Love that apron, not sure it would save any spills though. Think I had a similar one was called a hostess apron.

Judi said...

Oh my goodness! YOu have such wonderful treasures in your box....I love the little clothes...your christening dress was beautiful...and your little shoes...ahhhhh
thank you for sharing

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What wonderful vintage sweet things! Your mother knew how to crochet very well. You are so lucky to still have what she made. Blessings,Kathleen

Loralynn said...

How sweet these all are! You are very lucky to have them. I have a tablecloth that my Grandmother crocheted when she was young. It's gorgeous! She always hated it though because it was her punishment for being bad to sit and crochet. I'm surprised she never did bodily harm to her sister as it was usually some mischief that her sister got up to that she got in trouble for! Anyways, family made items truely are a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love seeing these treasures! Each and every one are so special. Your christening dress is beautiful, and your little baby shoes are too cute! Such a sad story about your older sister. I can't imagine how heartbreaking that had to be for your parents. So glad you have her sweet little shirt. xo